An important warning from the Abu Dhabi Center for Shelter and Humanitarian Care (Ewaa)

The Abu Dhabi Centre for Shelter and Humanitarian Care (Ewaa) has issued a cautionary statement against the allure of fraudulent employment opportunities that can result in individuals becoming victims of human trafficking. Ewaa further disclosed that it has extended assistance to a total of 182 cases in the initial six months of this year, encompassing 18 instances of human trafficking.

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The Centre issued a cautionary statement regarding fraudulent job offers, urging individuals seeking employment to conduct thorough research on the company, authenticate its legitimacy, exercise caution regarding deceptive and impractical assurances, refrain from making any monetary payments for job applications, carefully review employment contracts before signing, and rely on their instincts.
The individual requested that members of the community if they have reason to believe a situation involving human trafficking is occurring, should not delay in reaching out to him via the hotline number 800-7283.

The centrality of the center of the United Arab Emirates.

The Centre has expressed its commitment to providing assistance and support to individuals affected by human trafficking in the UAE. Its primary objective is to safeguard and provide care for these individuals, offering its services to all those in need. The Centre has also emphasized the broadening of its partnerships to enhance its capacity to deliver comprehensive and integrated services to beneficiaries. As part of its endeavors in the present year, the Centre has entered into a memorandum of understanding to further its mission. The Abu Dhabi Police General Command collaborates with various entities to facilitate the management of cases, coordinate human rights-related events, and foster the exchange of experiences. Additionally, a memorandum of understanding has been established with Zayed University to promote information sharing, facilitate the exchange of experts and specialists, and raise awareness on relevant matters.

According to data released by the Centre, a total of 182 cases received a range of services aimed at assisting victims of violence, abuse, and human trafficking during the initial six months of the current year. These interventions have not only provided a glimmer of hope for the affected individuals but have also facilitated the initiation of a fresh and respectable chapter in their lives.
The center received several types of cases, which were categorized as follows: 122 cases of domestic abuse, 42 incidents of violence against children, and 18 cases of human trafficking. During the same time frame, the center accommodated a total of 57 cases within its shelters, offering comprehensive care, rehabilitation, and empowerment programs to these individuals. Furthermore, it demonstrated a commendable achievement in successfully reintegrating 77% of the aforementioned cases back into society by the conclusion of the second quarter of the current year. Additionally, it is noteworthy that the proportion of female patients reached an impressive 85%.
According to the statistical data, the organization offered a total of 302 instances of legal counseling and support services, 182 instances of social services encompassing empowerment and reintegration, 120 instances of safe shelter services, 78 instances of family counseling services, 66 instances of community awareness and education services, and 52 instances of psychological support services over the previous year. Additionally, the organization received a total of 432 reports through its hotline, which can be reached at the number 800-SAVE (800-7283). The Centre submitted a total of 88 cases of violence to the appropriate authorities in the relevant sectors last year, following a comprehensive evaluation of each case.
"Ewaa" expressed its commitment to offering proactive services and support for the cases it receives, as well as developing a comprehensive case management framework for all approved categories within the center. It aims to establish models and policies based on international best practices. It is important to note that individuals seek assistance from "Ewaa" as victims of violence who experience feelings of betrayal and shame and carry significant burdens that they are unable to shoulder. Independently, collaborating with individuals to construct fresh opportunities imbued with optimism and positivism.

Three elements contribute to the occurrence of violence.

The Abu Dhabi Centre for Shelter and Human Care (Ewaa) has identified three key factors that contribute to the occurrence of violence: the individual, the family, and society. It is important to note that these factors vary depending on the age group and the specific type of violence being examined. Factors associated with the individual include prior victimization, early exposure to aggressive behavior, substance abuse (such as drugs, alcohol, or tobacco), low intellectual capacity, adoption of antisocial beliefs and attitudes, exposure to violence and conflict within the family, low socioeconomic status, history of physical abuse, unemployment, as well as a desire for dominance and control.

Family-related factors encompass a range of elements, such as the implementation of strict or permissive disciplinary measures, the presence of inconsistent guidance and direction, limited parental engagement in educational matters, tenuous emotional bonds with parents or carers, conflicts within marital relationships, the instability or dissolution of marriages, financial stressors, and atypical family dynamics. The challenges encompass managing individuals displaying aggressive and anti-social behavior, as well as parents lacking a secondary education. Furthermore, society-specific factors contribute to this complex issue, such as gender-based disparities in norms and stereotypes, social norms that promote violence, income inequality, and inadequate health, educational, and economic policies and legislation. The topic at hand pertains to the field of social sciences.

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