‏Urgent: An important warning from the UAE Ministry of Interior (2 days left)

The Ministry of the Interior has issued a warning to motorists that if they get into accidents or commit traffic offences on the first day of the new school year, which is next Monday, they would not be eligible for the four-point incentive that was just announced by the Ministry of the Interior.

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It was stated by the Federal Traffic Council that those who are devoted to participating in the national campaign "A Day Without Accidents," which was launched by the Council with the beginning of the new academic year, would get a prize in the form of a reduction of four black traffic points. This is an inspiring initiative that was announced by the Council.

"This initiative came specifically to inform motorists of all walks of life that adherence to traffic and traffic laws avoids accidents and traffic violations that they may commit, especially on the first school day, which There is confusion among vehicle drivers due to the intense movement of school buses and vehicles of parents who transport their students to a new school," said Brigadier Ahmed Al-Sam Al-Naqbi, head of the Traffic Awareness Team at the Federal Traffic Council. "This initiative came specifically to inform motorists that adherence to traffic.

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