‏An important warning from Abu Dhabi Municipality to all residents

Within the context of their roles and responsibilities in enhancing the general appearance of the city and safeguarding the community's health, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality has issued warnings to residents and owners of commercial and craft shops, among others, about the consequences of breaking laws that require them to commit to protecting the environment and public appearance.

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The warnings emphasise the importance of strengthening their societal responsibilities towards protecting the environment and public appearance, committing to the proper disposal of waste and sanitary means, and abstaining from throwing waste.

The Madinat Zayed Municipality Centre in the Rabdan area of Abu Dhabi conducted an awareness campaign. The municipality highlighted the need for shop owners to pledge to adhere to environmentally conscious practises and general appearance requirements regarding waste disposal, as well as to completely stop throwing waste in front of their establishments.

In addition to improving the aesthetic appeal of the city's streets and public and private amenities, this is being done to safeguard the community's health as well as public health.

The group in charge of carrying out the campaign and municipal inspectors were eager to instruct store owners and neighbours on how to properly dispose of rubbish in all of its forms. They emphasised that maintaining the environment and improving the standard of beauty and cleanliness of our public spaces is a shared responsibility. They gave a thorough explanation of the effects of harm to the environment and the aesthetic appearance of the city, as well as the role of society in this regard and the responsibilities of its members.

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