An important circular from Dubai Health to all residents regarding the health survey for the entire population

A few hours ago, an important circular was issued by the Dubai Health Authority to all residents regarding tomorrow, Sunday, when a field health survey will be conducted for all citizens and residents of Dubai.

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An important circular from Dubai Health for all residents regarding tomorrow, Sunday

An essential circular sent out to all inhabitants of Dubai by Dubai Health regarding the health survey that will be conducted on Sunday for the entire population> An important circular was distributed to all inhabitants of Dubai by the Dubai Health Authority just a few hours ago. The circular was in regards to a field health survey that would be done for all nationals and residents of Dubai tomorrow, on Sunday.

“Dubai Health” begins a field health survey of the population on Sunday

On Sunday, "Dubai Health" will launch a population-wide field survey of the population's health, After tomorrow, on Sunday, we will kick out the field health survey for families in Dubai that will be conducted for the year 2023. This survey is being carried out by the Dubai Health Authority in collaboration with the "Dubai Digital Authority" through the Dubai Data and Statistics Corporation. In addition to population and labor groups, the survey is aimed at a specific group of society as well as many subgroups within that society. These subgroups include citizens and residents (children, adolescents, women, men, and the elderly), as well as population and labor groups.

Implementation of the field health survey for families in Dubai

Dubai's families will participate in the implementation of the field health survey, The health survey is executed by specialist teams that have been prepared to carry out their task in a manner that is both professional and adaptable. The Authority has just recently started the preparatory procedures for the launch of the survey. These procedures will be carried out in accordance with the highest scientific and specialized standards that are applied globally, as well as within stringent requirements and controls that take into consideration the privacy and confidentiality of the data and information that will be collected from the individuals who are the focus of the survey. This year's field health survey of families in Dubai covers four primary axes: chronic diseases and health problems (diabetes, hypertension, and obesity), healthy lifestyles (tobacco smoking, physical activity, and healthy food), and spending on health (spending on outpatient services). It also includes a set of basic examinations (free of charge).

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