An electronic fraud gang was arrested in the Emirates that seized one million and 77 thousand dirhams

Policemen in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah were able to arrest an electronic fraud gang in the Emirates that seized one million and 77 thousand dirhams from its victims inside the Emirates recently.

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The Emirates have made an arrest in relation to an internet fraud ring, which resulted in the seizure of 1.77 million dirhams, An electronic fraud gang in the Emirates was recently able to steal one million and 77 thousand dirhams from its victims inside the Emirates. Police officers in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah were able to capture members of the gang and bring them to justice.

An electronic phishing gang was arrested that seized 1 million 77 thousand dirhams

A group of three individuals were apprehended by the Technical Crimes Branch of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ras Al Khaimah Police. This group used the technique of electronic phishing to steal 1.17 million dirhams from a business by pretending to be a business with which the victim company conducts business transactions.

Electronic fraud against companies in the UAE

Fraud committed through electronic means against businesses in the UAE, In further detail, the Acting Director General of Police Operations at Ras Al Khaimah Police, Brigadier Tariq Mohammed bin Saif, stated that the Al Jazeera Al Hamra Comprehensive Police Station in Ras Al Khaimah received a report from a company working in the field of electronics stating that it had been subjected to an electronic phishing operation, with a sum of money amounting to (281) thousand euros. This information was provided by the company. The equivalent of one million and seventy-seven thousand dirhams, by an unknown person claiming to be a representative of one of the companies that the victim company deals with on an ongoing basis, after the owner of the victim company corresponded via e-mail and concluded an agreement between his company and one of the supplying companies, so that the perpetrators of the crime could later hack The company's e-mail address and access to all of its contents as well as purchasing and banking information; this allowed the They were able to reach an agreement with one of the companies on a sales procedure that was already under way for a significant amount of money. Consequently, they immediately created an e-mail account similar to the scope of the real account of the supplier company, while changing a code in the name of the original e-mail account, and then communicating with the victim company through similar mail. The victim company deludes and convinces them that the bank account has been changed and replaced with a new account, and that bank transfers for sales must be made through the new bank account, so that the victim company can complete the swindle.

Reporting electronic fraud against companies in the UAE

Reporting instances of electronic fraud perpetrated against businesses in the UAE, He explained that the owner of the victim company was surprised after a few days that the agreement had not been fulfilled and that it had not been received by the company that was supplying it. He was also surprised to find out that he had handed over the purchase amounts to a person or company of unknown source and not to the company that was concerned and approved in transactions with his company, so he immediately rushed to a police station to report that he had been subjected to an operation. Phishing is an electronic method.

Transferring millions of dirhams to the fraudsters’ bank account

The fraudsters' bank account was credited with multiple millions of dirhams that were transferred, He went on to say that a work team comprised of investigators from the Criminal Investigations Department had been assembled. These investigators had been trained to deal with technical crimes in a professional manner, and their tasks included conducting research and investigation, locating the accused, and making use of inferences to pinpoint the location of the criminals who were responsible for the crime. It was discovered that the criminals were present in one of the emirates of the country. Other operations were also found, and it was determined that significant sums of money, maybe in the millions, had been deposited into the bank account from an unknown source. The culprits were quickly located, apprehended, and handed over to the appropriate authorities so that the appropriate legal actions could be taken in reference to them. This was done in conjunction with the Dubai Police General Command.

Police explain how to protect against financial fraud

The police provide advice on how to avoid being a victim of financial fraud, Bin Saif issued a warning to members of the community and owners of businesses about the proliferation and development of various types of fraud and electronic phishing, including email phishing. Email phishing refers to messages sent via email that are received by the recipient and prompt him to take urgent action. Typically, the fraudster claims to have changed the victim's bank account and replaced it with a new account so that the victim takes urgent action by transferring the money to the account. The new account was set up without cn from initiating financial transactions and bank transfers to pay the monetary amounts that had been agreed upon between them and the companies and other parties until the identity of the representatives of the companies had been verified via phone call or in-person meetings. Fraudsters deceive their victims with lies, such as canceling accounts, changing their names, replacing them with new accounts, or with any other flimsy excuse in order to take advantage of the person or entity that they are aiming to take advantage of, he emphasized. This is important for the preservation of rights and property.

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