Airlines impose on passengers the requirement to weigh passengers in front of the gates and before boarding th

South Korean Airlines now requires all passengers to weigh themselves before boarding the plane by standing on a scale.

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According to the "Al-Hurra" news website, which cited the "Korea JoongAng Daily" newspaper, the South Korean airline published a statement indicating that this decision will be implemented throughout the following few weeks as an additional step before takeoff.
In a statement, the business said that before boarding the plane, passengers would be weighed. It also said that the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport of the nation would receive the information.
Airlines are required, by South Korea's aircraft weight and balance control measures, to determine the standard weight of passengers every five years or as needed. This average helps determine the weight distribution of the aircraft and improves flight safety.
Airlines use data collection to make decisions regarding weight distribution and fuel requirements.
Airlines all across the world, including Korean Air, are obligated to regularly collect airplane weight information.

Airlines of New Zealand.

A similar program was launched by Air New Zealand earlier this year with some customers traveling on some of its long-haul international flights, like those between Auckland and JFK in New York.
To comply with New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority guidelines, Air New Zealand requires passengers to stand on the scale.

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