Abu Dhabi Police announces the timing of banning buses transporting workers from the streets

A few hours ago, the Abu Dhabi Police Command announced the timing of banning buses transporting workers on the streets of Abu Dhabi to prevent traffic congestion in the streets of Abu Dhabi during peak hours.

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The Abu Dhabi Police have revealed when they will begin prohibiting buses that are used to transport workers off the city's streets.

The Abu Dhabi Police Command made the announcement a few hours ago regarding the exact timing of the ban on buses transporting workers on the streets of Abu Dhabi in order to reduce the amount of traffic congestion that occurs on the streets of Abu Dhabi during rush hours.

Preventing workers’ buses from traveling on a street in Abu Dhabi during peak hours

During rush hours in Abu Dhabi, buses carrying workers are prevented from traveling on a certain roadway, The Abu Dhabi Police General Command and the Integrated Transport Center have collaborated to announce a ban on the movement of workers' transport buses "with a capacity of 50 passengers or more" on Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Street between the Sheikh Zayed Bridge and the Sheikh Zayed Tunnel (formerly Al Qurm Street) in both directions during the morning and evening peak hours. This ban applies to buses traveling from the Sheikh Zayed Bridge to the Sheikh Zayed Tunnel. As of today, as part of ongoing efforts to provide a smooth flow of traffic and reduce the number of incidents that could be caused by vehicles, the following measures have been taken.

Timings for banning buses transporting workers in Abu Dhabi

When exactly will Abu Dhabi's ban on buses that transport workers go into effect? The peak commute times in the morning are from 6:30 to 9:00 am and the peak commute times in the evening are from 3:00 to 7:00 pm. During these times, traffic will be restricted.

Warning of penalties for violating the ban on passenger buses in Abu Dhabi

A warning about the potential for severe punishments for those who disobey Abu Dhabi's prohibition on passenger buses, It emphasized the strengthening of road restrictions and the imposition of fines on buses transporting workers who violated the regulations, calling on drivers to commit to not moving during the defined periods and to adhere by traffic regulations. In addition, it asked drivers to promise not to move during the specified periods.

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