Abu Dhabi Municipality instructions to residents regarding the disposal of waste and residuals

A few hours ago, instructions were issued by the Abu Dhabi Municipality to residents regarding the proper disposal of waste and waste, and instructions were directed to all individuals, entities and companies.

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Instructions given to inhabitants of Abu Dhabi by the Abu Dhabi Municipality for the disposal of garbage and residuals

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi released advice to residents about the correct disposal of rubbish and waste a few hours ago. These instructions were aimed to all individuals, entities, and companies in the area.

Abu Dhabi Municipality calls for proper methods of waste disposal

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi has issued an appeal for correct garbage disposal procedures,The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City issued a call to action to all members of society and entities, companies operating in the construction and construction sector, and owners of professions, crafts, and shops, urging them not to dump waste randomly and emphasizing the significance of adopting healthy and sound methods of waste disposal in a manner that preserves the environment and the public health of society.

Abu Dhabi Municipality campaign to raise awareness about correct behaviors when disposing of waste

Campaign by the Abu Dhabi Municipality to increase awareness about proper habits when it comes to the disposal of garbage, This occurred during the awareness campaign that was organized by the city's municipality center. It included all places that fall under its jurisdiction and included field trips to present appropriate behaviors that lead to environmentally beneficial garbage disposal.

Fines for dumping waste in places other than designated for it in Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi, there are penalties for dumping rubbish in locations that are not designated for it, She pointed out that dumping waste and waste without discrimination and in locations that are not designated for that is a violation of the law, and that the perpetrator of this violation is held legally responsible, which entails penalties and financial violations. She expressed her desire to increase the self-commitment of the members of society in order to protect the environment and the general appearance of the society as a whole.

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