Abu Dhabi Judiciary declares that the audio recording accompanying the money deposit message is misleading

An urgent official circular was issued in the United Arab Emirates to the public noting the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department regarding a misleading audio recording when depositing funds.

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The Judiciary of Abu Dhabi has issued a statement stating that the accompanying voice recording to the money deposit message contains false information, When depositing funds, a false audio recording was brought to the attention of the public in the United Arab Emirates through the distribution of an urgent official circular. The recording concerned the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department.

An important note from the "Abu Dhabi Judiciary" regarding a misleading audio recording

An essential announcement from the "Abu Dhabi Judiciary" in regards to a recording that is deceptive in nature, The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department has confirmed that the letter that has been attributed to it regarding the deposit of sums of money in the execution files is authentic. This letter is sent to the beneficiary of the amount according to the data that was recorded in the electronic system, and the department has clarified that the audio recording that accompanied the message and was distributed through the platforms Social communication i is not authentic.

Instructions of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department to the public

Instructions given to the general public by the Judicial Department of Abu Dhabi, The Judicial Department issued a call to the people of the community, asking them to investigate the veracity of the audio and urging them not to spread such rumors through online communication platforms. They also emphasized that the appropriate legal actions will be done against the individual who uploaded the recording of my deceiving voice.

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