Abu Dhabi Health instructions for parents of students to maintain their safety

A few hours ago, the Abu Dhabi Health Authority issued instructions to parents of students to maintain their safety, in conjunction with the start of the new academic year 2023-2024.

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Instructions on maintaining pupils' safety, provided by Abu Dhabi Health Authority to parents of kids

In conjunction with the beginning of the new school year 2023-2024, the Abu Dhabi Health Authority has just a few hours ago distributed instructions to the parents of students instructing them to ensure their children's continued safety.

abu dhabi health
abu dhabi health

Abu Dhabi Health Center advises parents to maintain the safety of students

The Abu Dhabi Health Center encourages parents to ensure their children's safety at all times, With the imminent return of students to school seats, the Abu Dhabi Center for Public Health, an entity affiliated with the Department of Health - Abu Dhabi that is concerned with strengthening the public health and preventive health system in the emirate, provided a number of advice and instructions to parents, in a way that guarantees the preservation of the students' health and safety, and among these are the importance of regular sleep, psychological preparation for the stamina required in the classroom, and proper nutrition.

Guidance for parents to keep their children safe during the school year

Advice for parents on how to protect the well-being of their children throughout the academic year, The center emphasized the necessity of beginning a gradual return to regular sleeping habits according to study dates, in a way that ensures that children get enough sleep of at least eight hours so that they can prepare for a school day full of activity and vitality, in addition to the importance of psychological preparation for a positive study experience, as well as the necessity of preparing the student for the new academic year and talking to him about his concerns and ways to seek help. The center placed a strong emphasis on the necessity of preparing nutritious meals that are high in vitamin content and give the student with energy over the course of his school day. In particular, the center highlighted the significance of breakfast, which should ideally include fruits, vegetables, and foods rich in fiber, in addition to motivating and reminding the student. The center reminds parents of the need for safety on the roads and to pay attention to pedestrian movement, student crossing areas, and during going up and down from school buses. In addition, the center reminds parents of the need to use child seats and seat belts in vehicles. Students need to drink sufficient amounts of water to reduce the risk of dehydration. To avoid the possibility of back pain. the center explained the need to choose a backpack that is suitable for the age and height of the student. The center reminds students to drink sufficient amounts She made an appeal to the students' parents, asking them to inform the school nurse about any chronic conditions or allergies that their children may have.

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