Abu Dhabi Court obliges a company to pay a large amount of compensation due to unfair dismissal

The Abu Dhabi Labour Court of First Instance ordered that a corporation must compensate an employee for being fired without cause by paying her 8,400 dirhams

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According to the specifics, an employee sued a company, requesting payment instead of an "arbitrary" dismissal and instead of a warning. She claimed that she had a working relationship with the defendant with a salary of 18,000 dirhams until she was shocked by the latter's "arbitrary" termination.

The court ruled that the employer could put the employee on probation for up to six months and terminate his employment at any time as long as he had written notice of the termination at least 14 days in advance.

He must pay the second party compensation equal to his wage for the notice period or the remaining time under the notice period if the work contract is terminated without adhering to the terms of this article.

She further stated that the defendant had fired the plaintiff without warning while on probation, and as a result, she had to pay a fee known as a "warning allowance" for 14 days.

The law of dismissal from work without notice

The compensation instead of notice shall be calculated based on the last salary received, in the case of employees with monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly wages, and based on the average daily wage referred to in Article 57 of this law. The compensation instead of notice shall be equal to the employee's salary in respect of the entire period of information

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