Abu Dhabi Authority arrested 2 men for possessing 5kg of cocaine

Two people who were planning to sell five kilograms of cocaine in the nation were detained by Abu Dhabi police. The two men's arrests, one of Latino descent and the other of Arab descent, have given a devastating blow to a persistent multinational gang that preys on Middle Eastern nations for trade, drug promotion, and social unrest.

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Abu Dhabi Police Successfully Thwart Drug Trafficking Operation

Major Tahir Gharib Al-Zahri, Director of the Anti-Drugs Directorate in the Criminal Security Sector of the Abu Dhabi Police, claimed that the successful operation was the outcome of proactive monitoring, confirmed intelligence, and the tactical execution of a court security plan. The police initially trailed the Latino suspect and his Arab comrade before apprehending them and seizing the contraband they were carrying.

The Abu Dhabi Police underlined their steadfast dedication to controlling the drug pandemic effectively and competently using contemporary techniques and tools. These tools have proved vital in foiling the complex plans of drug traffickers, who use a variety of illegal tactics to spread harmful narcotics across the community, focusing in particular on young people.

Abu Dhabi Police's Effective Strategies to Combat Illegal Drug Activity

The Anti-Drug Directorate has implemented a cutting-edge working system that makes use of clever tactics and highly skilled, specialized human resources. This strategy has shown to be effective in identifying and thwarting different kinds of illegal activity.

The Abu Dhabi Police stressed that anyone trying to circumvent the law with the intention of profiting from, promoting, or trading in drugs will be dealt with harshly and subject to tough and unyielding enforcement actions.

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