Abu Dhabi announces launch of new airport terminal operations

The port, which has gone by the name Midfield port throughout its development period, is about to demonstrate its amazing capabilities.

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Abu Dhabi International Airport Set to Unveil Cutting-Edge Terminal A

With a remarkable capacity to cater to 45 million passengers each year, this cutting-edge facility is set to revolutionize the way travelers experience air travel.

The upcoming opening of Abu Dhabi Airports' cutting-edge new terminal at Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) has been announced. The Terminal A, a wonder of contemporary aviation infrastructure, is scheduled to open for business in early November 2023.

A Giant Leap in Passenger and Cargo Capacity

Emerging from its construction phase under the moniker "Midfield Terminal Building," Terminal A stands as a testament to architectural and engineering excellence. Encompassing an impressive 742,000 square meters of built-up space, it ranks among the world's largest airport terminals. This monumental addition is expected to significantly augment AUH's ability to accommodate passengers and cargo.

Unveiling Unprecedented Capabilities

It is projected that the terminal will serve a mind-boggling 45 million people a year as it gets ready to operate. Terminal A will be an impressively effective and functioning hub with the ability to handle 11,000 passengers per hour and 79 planes at once.

Terminal A is adorned with cutting-edge technologies that promise a truly integrated and streamlined passenger experience. Interconnected biometric systems promise to whisk passengers through every step of their journey, from pre-travel preparations to boarding. Travelers will encounter self-service kiosks, impeccably efficient security checkpoints, and state-of-the-art baggage handling systems.

Elevating Abu Dhabi's Global Standing

The introduction of this world-class facility to Abu Dhabi's evolving transportation network marks a momentous occasion. Beyond its immediate impact on air travel, the terminal's opening holds the potential to reshape the local aviation landscape. Furthermore, it will amplify Abu Dhabi's stature as a preferred destination for globe-trotters while further solidifying its role as an international trade and business hub.

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