A young man receives 23,000 dirhams in exchange for a bogus labour contract in The emirates

The Abu Dhabi Commercial Court - First Instance ordered that a firm must restore 23 thousand dirhams to a young man who had paid it in exchange for the company issuing an employment contract for him abroad, but the company did not follow through on their agreement.

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In the details, a young man filed a lawsuit against a company and an employee, demanding that they pay an amount of 23 thousand dirhams and 12% legal interest from the date of the claim until payment was completed, and obligate the defendants to pay fees and in exchange for the fees, indicating that he handed over the second defendant, as an employee of the first company, 23 One thousand dirhams to obtain an entry visa for a European country, but

The court determined that the corporation violated the agreement by failing to carry it out, and that it was not entitled to the cash obtained from the plaintiff.

The court rejected the defendant's defence regarding the settlement by paying the amount of 12 thousand and 100 dirhams on the basis that it is the percentage agreed upon to be recovered in the contract, because the defendant failed to implement any of the contract's terms, and thus she is not entitled to any fees or sums as long as she failed to implement the agreed upon.

The court also dismissed the second defendant's litigation, noting that he did not receive the amount from the plaintiff for himself, but rather in favour of the defendant, which would result in the second defendant's litigation on non-legal grounds.

And it determined that the corporation be compelled to pay fees, expenses, and fees in the sum of 23 thousand dirhams, with interest at 5% per year from the date of filing the action until final payment, as well as fees, expenditures, and fees.

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