A woman in Fujairah is demanding 3 of her neighbors in court to pay her 100,000 dirhams in compensation

A woman of Gulf nationality, in Fujairah Court, demanded that 3 men from her neighbors pay her financial compensation amounting to 100,000 dirhams after they filed a malicious complaint against her.

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A woman in Fujairah is asking the court to order three of her neighbors to give her an amount of compensation equal to 100,000 dirhams, After bringing a false accusation against her, a woman with Gulf nationality went to the Fujairah Court and demanded that three males from her neighborhood pay her financial compensation in the sum of 100,000 dirhams. The accusation that they brought was malicious.

“Gulf” demands 100 thousand dirhams in compensation for a “malicious lawsuit”

A "malicious lawsuit" has resulted in "Gulf" demanding compensation in the amount of 100,000 dirhams, After one of the defendants opened a criminal report against her, accusing her of cursing him and insulting him in a way that dishonored him, while the other two defendants filed a lawsuit against her, a woman from the Gulf filed a lawsuit in the Fujairah Court demanding that three men be required to pay her 100,000 dirhams in compensation for the material, moral, and psychological damages she suffered. Even though the second and third witnesses gave testimony against her, the Court of Appeal demonstrated that the case was malicious. The plaintiff stated in the court documents that she was given a summons to appear for questioning at a nearby police station, and that the report against her was sent to the Public Prosecution and then to the Fujairah Criminal Court on charges of insulting her. The plaintiff also mentioned that the second and third defendants gave false testimony in the report against her. This information was included in the lawsuit.

Fujairah Court issues a ruling acquitting a woman of charges of insulting her neighbors

A verdict has been handed down by the Fujairah Court clearing a woman of the claims that she insulted her neighbors, As a result of the first defendant filing a malicious lawsuit against her without justification, the Fujairah Criminal Court of Appeal ruled that she was acquitted and excluded the testimony of the second and third defendants. The court explained that the defendants' action and their proven error in the papers and reasons for the criminal ruling affected her and caused her material, moral, and psychological damage. In addition, the court stated that the testimony of the second and third defendants was excluded. As a result, the plaintiff filed a formal complaint with the appropriate authorities against him.

Fujairah Court refuses to compensate a woman after her neighbors filed a case against her

A woman's neighbors took legal action against her, but the Fujairah Court ruled against her and refused to compensate her, The court stated that the first defendant was exercising a right that is provided by the law to individuals in general when he contacted the police and the Public Prosecution, and when he filed a complaint against her. The court stated that just because the plaintiff was found not guilty in the criminal case does not mean that the first defendant did not have suspicions that justified his accusation, and that the legal system does not have a problem with making accusations based on those suspicions. The ruling in the complaint has no validity before the civil court in establishing the error that generates culpability, and the court determined to reject the lawsuit and compelled the plaintiff to pay fees and expenses as well as 200 dirhams in attorney's fees. In addition, the court ruled that the plaintiff was responsible for paying fees and expenses.

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