A traveler was arrested and imprisoned in the UAE due to a passport stamp

The Emirati police arrested a traveler and imprisoned him in the Emirates because of his passport stamp. He was tried and a judicial ruling was issued to imprison him for a period of 3 months and then deport him after serving his sentence.

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a traveler was detained and imprisoned in the United Arab Emirates, Because of a stamp in their passport, Because of a stamp on his passport, the authorities in the Emirates detained a traveler and put him in jail there. After the trial, the judge decided that he should serve his sentence in prison for a period of three months, and then he would be deported after he had finished serving his time.

A traveler was arrested at Hatta port due to forging a stamp

At the port of Hatta, a traveler was taken into custody for forging a stamp, After having his foreign passport taken away from him because he was wanted in connection with an international case, a person deceived themselves into believing that they were free to leave the country. He attempted to use a passport belonging to a different nationality, on which he had forged an exit stamp, in order to sneak out of the country through the Hatta border crossing and back in again before he was apprehended and submitted to the Dubai Public Prosecution. However, he was successful in neither of these endeavors and was reported to the latter.

Wanted in an international case, he deceives his way out of the UAE with a “fake” stamp

He is wanted in connection with an international investigation, but he manages to sneak out of the UAE by using a "fake" stamp, According to the information provided about the case, the accused had his passport taken away by the proper authorities because he was wanted, so he resorted to illegally leaving the country. The accused also reached an agreement with an unknown person to fake an official seal that was attributed to the passport's issuance at the Hatta port in the United Arab Emirates, and they printed it on another passport in the accused's name that was issued from a different country, According to the documents filed in the court, the accused attempted to use the stamp in order to exit the state through the Hatta port; however, he was caught and brought back into the state. Additionally, the accused attempted to unlawfully enter the country, which led to his detention and subsequent delivery to the appropriate police station. It was discovered that he was in possession of the passport that had an impression of the counterfeit stamp on it. Concerning, it was inquired of him, During the course of the investigations conducted by the Public Prosecution, he denied the charge that was brought against him. However, he did admit that he had entered the country in March of 2022, and that his passport had been seized by the competent authorities because he was wanted. As a result, he had contacted one of his friends living outside the country and asked him to send him his other passport, which was issued for a different nationality. This passport was subsequently delivered to him by mail.

Punishment for forging a passport stamp in the UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, the penalty for faking a passport stamp is death, The accused person was brought before the appropriate court by the Public Prosecution, and that court decided that he should serve a prison sentence of six months and then be deported from the country. The matter was ultimately brought to the Court of Appeal, which lowered the sentence to three months in jail but affirmed the original decision to deport the defendant. He was ultimately found guilty of participating in an agreement and supporting an unknown person in imitation by the court, which led to his convictions on both charges. Exit stamp, and he participated by agreement in using this stamp. In addition, he attempted to exit the country from locations other than those specified by the Minister of the Interior, in violation of the rules and regulations that were in effect at the time.

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