‏A statement from the UAE Ministry of Interior to the public regarding the 28th of August

The 28th of August was selected as a day when traffic awareness is enhanced to come out with a national accident-free day with the participation and cooperation of the local community from institutions and individuals, to be an essential educational campaign, the Ministry of the Interior announced. It and the country's police general commands will launch the initiative under the name "A Day Without Accidents" as part of their educational campaigns for the current year.

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The initiative of the UAE Ministry of Interior «A day without accidents»

"A day without accidents" is a traffic initiative within the awareness plans implemented by the Ministry of the Interior and the general commands of the police in the country represented by traffic departments and directorates, and under the supervision of the General Department of Traffic Coordination in the Ministry of Interior, according to Brigadier General Engineer Hussain Ahmed Al-Harthy, head of the Federal Traffic Council at the Ministry of Interior. For this day to serve as a reminder of the specifications, guidelines, and traffic regulations that were in place to safeguard the security of roads and their users.

"We target the local community with all its institutions and individuals to cooperate on this National Traffic Day to enhance adherence to the principles of safety and prevention," he continued. "It is also an opportunity to inspect the safety of vehicles and tyres, especially school buses, and to remind everyone of the importance of following the rules."

UAE Interior
UAE Interior

Al-Harthy emphasised that "our efforts will continue continuously, especially in the field of awareness, according to the plans prepared for the year (2023), and 28 August was chosen to coincide with the start date of the school year, to be a preventive occasion in which all institutions of society from the public and private sectors work towards roads without accidents." additionally risk-free. In order to protect students' safety from road dangers, it is important to teach school students at all grade levels about traffic accidents, the value of following traffic laws, and other related topics. Traffic awareness is one of the most crucial safety lessons that should be taught to students.

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