A new procedure from UAE banks for all customers

Some banking customers in the United Arab Emirates announced a new procedure from UAE banks for all customers, related to communication services with each bank’s customer service center.

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A new process implemented by banks in the UAE for all of their customers

Some banking clients in the United Arab Emirates have announced a new method that will be implemented by banks in the UAE for all customers. This new procedure will be related to communication services with the customer support center of each bank.

Banks in the Emirates limit communication with customer service centers to their customers

Customers of the Emirates' financial institutions are the only ones allowed to communicate with customer support centers, Customers of banks that are based in countries other than the ones in which their bank accounts are located have reported that these banks restrict access to their customer service centers to only their own customers. As a result, customers have reported that it is difficult to communicate with these banks on topics such as the banking products they provide, how to transfer their accounts to them, or even take... Finance and other topics. These customers have added in press statements that customer service centers ask for their account number when they contact them via recorded messages.

Bank customers in the UAE complain about the cost of communicating with customer service

Customers of banks in the UAE often express dissatisfaction with the high costs associated with contacting customer support, They explained that in the past, there was a fast way to communicate with a representative of the customer service department. However, this process is now not only time-consuming but also costly, as it involves calling a number that begins with 600 and is not free or even a regular call. As a result, customers have demanded that these banks find a more efficient and prompt method of communication. customers that have questions, requests for funding, or wish to open new accounts with other banks' customer service centers.

Providing communication services for bank customers with service centers

Customers of the bank will be provided with communication services through the service centers, Banking expert Amjad Nasr provided a response to this by stating that customers of other banks are a primary target for all banks, which means that they seek to attract them. However, the priority is for the banks' original customers, so the banks focus on them when responding through customer service centers while simultaneously providing communication. Some banks provide a basic option through customer service centers, through which all customers can communicate, regardless of whether they are their customers or customers of other banks. However, other banks limit the response - through customer service centers - to Only its customers, and it gives them priority and requests to identify them through the phone banking service's password, or the number of any of the bank cards. He also mentioned that some banks provide this option through the "WhatsApp" application or websites. On the other hand, these financial institutions enable customers to submit requests to speak to their workers via WhatsApp and on their websites. The customer will then be contacted by the bank, each in its own particular area of expertise, within a short period of time. This may be in response to a request for financing, the opening of an account, the transfer of debt, or another matter.

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