A man was forced to pay 10,800 dirhams in the UAE to a girl because of a WhatsApp message

The Abu Dhabi Court issued a new judicial ruling obligating a man to pay 10,800 dirhams to a girl due to a WhatsApp message, as well as obligating him to pay the expenses of the lawsuit. whatsapp message in the uae

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Because of a WhatsApp message, a guy was compelled to make a payment of 10,800 dirhams to a woman,The Abu Dhabi Court has issued a new court judgement that requires a man to pay a female 10,800 dirhams because of a message they exchanged on WhatsApp. The ruling also requires the guy to pay the expenses of the litigation against the girl.

A WhatsApp conversation returns 10,000 dirhams to a girl

A girl receives 10,000 dirhams as a result of a conversation over WhatsApp, The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Claims Court came to the conclusion that a young man owed his girlfriend 10,800 dirhams, which he had borrowed from her but failed to repay on time and did not give back to her. The court made this determination after hearing the case. Specifically, his girlfriend brought a legal action, in which she claimed that the defendant be required to pay her 10,800 dirhams and that he be required to pay the fees, expenses, and fees associated with the legal action. The law firm based its claim on the fact that it had transferred the amount to the defendant in two installments as a loan that he had requested from her. However, the defendant began to procrastinate and did not return the amount to her, which prompted the law firm to file a lawsuit and attach pictures of receipts for transferring amounts as well as pictures of conversations that had taken place via WhatsApp.

10,800 dirhams recovered in the UAE due to a WhatsApp message

A WhatsApp message led to the recovery of 10,800 dirhams in the United Arab Emirates, The court explained in the merits of its ruling that the plaintiff had established her current lawsuit based on the fact that she had transferred the claimed amount in installments to the defendant as a loan from her to him, and since that was the case, and what is proven from the attached receipts and conversations via "WhatsApp" attributed to both parties to the lawsuit is that there are amounts that the plaintiff transferred as part of the loan from her to him. To the defendant, and the defendant, despite the fact that he was present, did not provide any plea or defense in the case, in terms of the quantity or the substance of the case, and then the court proves the validity of the plaintiff transferring this amount to the defendant as a loan from her to him and not returning it to the plaintiff as a result of the plaintiff's actions. The court made the decision to order the defendant to pay back the sum of 10,800 dirhams to the plaintiff. In addition, the court ordered the defendant to pay all of the court fees and expenditures, and it denied any other demands.

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