A gang in the Emirates seizes 9 million dirhams by fraudulently using cheap, discounted fake apartments

A gang in the United Arab Emirates managed to fraudulently seize 9 million dirhams by scamming fake, low-priced apartments.

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A criminal syndicate in the Emirates is able to steal 9 million dirhams by deceitfully exploiting bogus apartments that are sold at steep discounts.

A gang in the United Arab Emirates managed to fraudulently seize 9 million dirhams by scamming fake, low-priced apartments.

Imprisonment and deportation of 6 fraudsters in the UAE for selling “fake apartments”

Six individuals who perpetrated fraud in the United Arab Emirates by selling "fake apartments" have been sentenced to prison and deported, The Fujairah Court of Appeal issued a ruling that six defendants be sentenced to one year in prison, with the confiscation of the seized amounts, proceeds, and media, and their deportation outside the country after serving the sentence. This was because they had deceived people into believing that there was a property outside the country that could be purchased for a low price, which led to them deceiving the victims and forcing them to hand over amounts that totaled nine million. And 484 dirhams.

6 fraudsters seize 9 million dirhams by deception in the Emirates

In the Emirates, six con artists steal nine million dirhams using fraudulent means, The details of the case are that one of the defendants, in cooperation with unknown others, seized an amount of 150,000 dirhams from one of the victims of the deception, after deceiving him that he was selling a property outside the country, represented by a residential apartment, which led him to make an agreement between them to buy the property in one of the commercial stores in the Emirate of Fujairah. He gave him the sum that had been agreed upon, but then he was taken aback when the accused ran away, which is what drove him to file a lawsuit against him in order to get his money back.

Trial of fraud accused in the UAE for selling fake apartments

A fraud trial is now being conducted in the UAE around the sale of counterfeit apartmentsThe court charged the six defendants with three charges: that they and unknown others seized for themselves a cash sum of 150,000 dirhams from the victim through fraudulent means by making him believe that there was a property outside the country to buy at a low price, which led to deceiving the victim and forcing him to hand over the amount to them. The defendants were successful in stealing more than nine million dirhams from other people by using deceptive practices and tricking those people into handing over the stolen money. The third charge against the six was that they committed the crime of money laundering by acquiring cash amounts totaling nine million and 484 dirhams that belonged to the victims. In addition, they transferred these cash amounts and carried out buying and selling transactions with them with the intention of concealing and camouflaging the illegal sources of the money that they had obtained. The court stated that there is no rebuke to the Court of Appeal if it referred to the reasons for the appealed ruling as long as it found them sufficient to support its decision, and since it is guided by the aforementioned, and since the appealed ruling covered the incident and the evidence proving it with insight and foresight, and decided to punish the accused in accordance with the correct law, the court goes along with this ruling and decides to support it based on its reasons, the court goes The Fujairah Court of Appeal decided to accept the appeal in both its form and its substance. As a result of this decision, the original ruling that was appealed was overturned, the defendants' sentence of imprisonment for one year was maintained, and they were cleared of all charges brought against them.

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