A fine of 40 thousand dirhams for driving vehicles recklessly on UAE roads and compensation for those affected

The Abu Dhabi Court issued a judicial ruling imposing a fine of 40,000 dirhams as a penalty for driving vehicles recklessly on UAE roads and requiring anyone who drives recklessly to pay compensation to the affected person.

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A fine of forty thousand dirhams and financial compensation will be given to the individual who was hurt as a result of driving recklessly on UAE roadways, The Abu Dhabi Court has issued a judgement that imposes a penalty of 40,000 dirhams as a penalty for driving automobiles carelessly on UAE roads. The ruling also requires that anyone who drives recklessly pay compensation to the person who was injured as a result of their reckless driving.

40 thousand fines for two young men who drove their vehicles recklessly on the road in the Emirates

Two young males received a total of 40,000 dollars in fines after driving their vehicles in a careless manner on the road, Due to the fact that they put a man's life in danger while driving two vehicles on a public road in an unsafe manner, which resulted in a collision that damaged the man's vehicle, the Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Claims Court ruled that two young men were required to pay a sum of 40,000 dirhams jointly between them, as compensation to a man. This amount was to be paid as a joint obligation between the two young men.

The UAE judiciary prosecutes reckless vehicle drivers who harm others

The judicial system in the UAE prosecutes careless drivers who cause harm to other people, The man who was "affected" by the alleged actions of the "defendants," two younger men, filed a lawsuit against them in which he demanded that they be required to jointly pay him an amount of two hundred thousand dirhams as comprehensive compensation for the material and moral damages he suffered as a result of the alleged actions of the defendants, which were that they had put his life in danger while driving. Their automobiles were driving carelessly on the public road, which resulted in a collision between their vehicles and his vehicle, both of which sustained damage as a result of the collision. As a direct consequence of this, he sustained harm to his mental and moral health, and the individuals responsible also did physical damage to his vehicle. The victim indicated that the defendants were referred against them by the Public Prosecution as a result of the accident that occurred. The court issued a preliminary criminal judgement convicting them of the crime and ordering the seizure of both of their vehicles as well as a fine of 10,000 dirhams for each of them. They were unhappy with the decision, so they appealed it, which resulted in the original decision being overturned and the appealed decision being upheld. However, they were dissatisfied with the verdict, so they appealed it to the court of cassation. The court of cassation came to the conclusion that it would be appropriate to partially overturn the ruling that was being contested and amend it by removing the penalty for the confiscation of a car. One of them is returning it to the person who owns it and refusing to appeal the decision in any other case. This resulted in the affected person suffering mental and physical harm as a result of the damage done to his vehicle, his efforts to seek psychological treatment for the shock, and the loss of his earnings, as well as the affected person's request for compensation for the moral, psychological, and moral damages represented by the grief that befell him, and the transgression is morality. The judge explained that in accordance with the Civil Transactions Law, the offender is required to provide a guarantee whenever they cause harm to another person, regardless of the financial consideration, the physical damage represented by the damage to the car, the value of the quotations for repair, or the potential value of the treatment. All of these factors were taken into consideration.

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