A court ruling requires a woman to pay 86,000 dirhams to a man due to a WhatsApp message in Abu Dhabi

Hours ago, the Abu Dhabi Court issued a judicial ruling requiring a woman to pay 86 thousand dirhams to a man because of a WhatsApp message, as the message proved that the woman obtained money from him and did not pay.

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An Abu Dhabi court obligates a woman to pay 86 thousand dirhams to a man because of a WhatsApp message

Because of a conversation that took place via WhatsApp, a woman has been ordered by a court in Abu Dhabi to pay a man 86 thousand dirhams, since of a WhatsApp message, an Abu Dhabi court just issued a verdict that requires a woman to reimburse a man 86 thousand dirhams since the message revealed that the woman acquired money from the man and did not pay him back. The message was the basis for the court's decision.

A WhatsApp conversation proves that a man is entitled to 86 thousand dirhams

A man's right to 86 thousand dirhams is established by a conversation that took place on WhatsApp, Following a ruling by the Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Claims Court, a lady was ordered to repay a man the sum of 86,995 dirhams that he had borrowed from her in installments. It took her some time to pay after he requested her to return it, which he was able to demonstrate thanks to a chat they had on WhatsApp.

A man resorts to the Emirati judiciary to recover his money that he lent to a woman

A man seeks the help of the Emirati judicial system in order to retrieve the money that he had previously loaned to a woman, In the particulars, a man filed a case against a woman, in which he sought to compel her to pay him 86 thousand and 995 dirhams, as well as to compel her to pay costs and expenses, on the basis of the assertion that he had loaned her amounts in installments that amounted the claimed amount. In addition, he wanted to compel her to pay him back the fees and expenditures associated with the action. She put off making the payment even after he requested her to return the money. As evidence in support of his claim, the plaintiff supplied scans of the defendant's identity as well as receipts for money transfers and messages exchanged over WhatsApp.

A WhatsApp message enables the Abu Dhabi Court to return 86 thousand dirhams to its owner

The Abu Dhabi Court was able to refund 86,000 dirhams to their rightful owner thanks to a message sent via WhatsApp, The court indicated that it had seen the messages sent between them via the "WhatsApp" program, which represent preliminary evidence, but it is not sufficient to develop the court's doctrine, and it chose to direct the complementary oath to the plaintiff. The court also stated that it had seen the exchanges between them. He had sworn to her in accordance with the stipulated formula, and on the basis of that, the lawsuit was filed in front of the court, and his entitlement to the claimed sum was demonstrated, with the result that the court ruled to obligate the defendant to pay the plaintiff 86 thousand and 995 dirhams.

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