A court ruling in Dubai imprisoned a woman and fined 5,000 dirhams due to a fake job

A court ruled to imprison a woman and fine her 5,000 dirhams for a fake job, as the Dubai Misdemeanor Court ruled to punish a woman who requested 5,000 dirhams in exchange for hiring a female driver.

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A judge decided that a woman should serve time in prison and pay a fine of 5,000 dirhams because she had lied about having a job, A lady who asked for 5,000 dirhams in exchange for employing a female driver was ordered by a judge to serve time in jail and pay a fine of the same amount. This decision was made by the Dubai Misdemeanor Court, which was charged with prosecuting the case.

Defrauding Dubai residents through fake advertisements

Defrauding Dubai residents through bogus adverts, Following her false claims to another woman that she specialized in the recruitment of domestic employees, the Misdemeanor Court in Dubai handed down the following penalty to the woman: one month in prison and a fine.

A woman was punished in Dubai on charges of seizing other people's money

In Dubai, a lady was sentenced to jail time after being accused of stealing money from other individuals, She asked the victim for 5,000 dirhams in exchange for hiring a driver for her, which is why she was sent to the Misdemeanor Court on allegations of fraudulently stealing money owned by others by a means involving information technology. The accused was charged with this crime, and she was found guilty.

Fraud and seizing the money of others through social media with fake advertisements

The use of fraudulent adverts on social media to commit fraud and steal the money of other people, The victim was looking for a driver, and she discovered an account on Instagram belonging to an Asian woman. The account had a picture of the woman's driver's license, along with the inscription that she had previously worked in the nation, and that she was ready to join the work for the family that wanted to do so. The victim stated that she had spoken to the woman and informed her about the situation. She stated that she had an office where she recruited support employees, and she requested 5,000 dirhams so that she could hire a driver. She went on to say that she waited for the contract to be fulfilled before transferring the money to the accused's account, but the accused did not fulfill the contract on time and did not return the money to her. The accused person was found guilty by the court on the basis of her confession as well as the testimony provided by the victim. However, it came to the conclusion that she should be shown some leniency and determined instead that she should serve one month in jail and pay a fine of 5,000 dirhams.

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