A court ruling after two people bought a car worth 570,000 dirhams for only 10,000

A few hours ago, a court ruling was issued after two people bought a car in the UAE, the actual value of which was 570,000 dirhams, but they only paid 10,000 through fraud.

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A judgment handed down by the court after two individuals purchased a vehicle with an estimated value of 570,000 dirhams for merely 10,000, A judgement was handed down by a judge not long ago in response to a case in which two individuals purchased an automobile in the United Arab Emirates for only 10,000 dirhams, despite the fact that the vehicle's true value was 570,000 dirhams.

Buying a car for 10 thousand dirhams in the UAE, and its value is more than half a million dirhams

When you buy a car in the United Arab Emirates for 10,000 dirhams, but it's worth more than 500,000 dirhams, that's a good deal, The Court of Appeal in Al Ain came to the conclusion that two young men must jointly pay a man the value of a car that they stole through dishonest means, which comes to a total of 560,000 dirhams. In addition, the Court of Appeal mandated that the young men pay the victim an additional 60,000 dirhams as compensation for the material and moral harm that they caused.

Defrauding a car owner and transferring its owner without paying for it

Committing fraud against the owner of an automobile and transferring ownership of the vehicle without paying for it, In the specifics of the case, a car owner filed a lawsuit against three individuals, in which he demanded that they be jointly required to hand over his car in good condition, transfer its ownership, and register it in his name with the traffic authority, and in reserve oblige them jointly to pay him the price of the car in the amount of 570 thousand dirhams, while obliging them to pay him compensation for subsequent damages. All of these demands were included in the lawsuit. In the amount of 300 thousand dirhams, fees and expenses, and in exchange for attorney's fees, he indicated that he offered his vehicle, which was the subject of the lawsuit, for sale, and the second defendant contacted him and expressed his desire to buy the vehicle at an amount of 570 thousand dirhams, and he paid a deposit of 10 thousand dirhams, provided that he pays the rest of the price upon assignment. The vehicle was the subject of the lawsuit because it was involved in an accident, The second defendant took possession of the vehicle and afterwards requested that the first defendant use the digital ID to verify the vehicle's history in order to guarantee that it was in good shape and had not been involved in any accidents.

Warning against transferring the car's ownership by defrauding its owner

Warning against changing ownership of the car by deceiving the person who currently owns it, The plaintiff stated that he had opened his digital identity in good faith and provided the second defendant with the identification code. However, the plaintiff later discovered that the second defendant had waived the vehicle in favor of the first defendant, and both defendants were found guilty of the charge of seizing the vehicle and given a criminal sentence of imprisonment for a period of six months as a result of the conviction. In addition, it was established via the investigations carried out by the police that the first and second defendants had sold the vehicle to the third defendant, who had promised not to get rid of the vehicle.

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