Urgent.. 6 important tips for buying a used car in the Emirates

Buying a used car, rather than a brand-new one, has always been seen as a more cost-effective option.

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Whether it's the rising expense of living around the world or the arrival of electric and hybrid cars, it's more important than ever to do your research before making a purchase.

So, if you're looking to buy a secondhand car, what should you look for?

The National talked to professionals in the auto business for advice on purchasing a secondhand car and avoiding common pitfalls.

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important tips for buying a used car in the Emirates

  • Verify how long you've had the car for. Models older than seven years may be difficult or expensive to insure.
  • If it's an imported vehicle, you should check its history to make sure it hasn't been in any accidents.
  • If you're buying a car from a private seller, it's extremely important to invest in a pre-purchase examination so you know exactly what problems to expect.
  • Be sure to read the warranty's tiny print, as some conditions may prevent coverage.
  • Keep your cool and negotiate a reasonable price while showing respect.
  • A good insurance policy will cover all of your bases.

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What about the most sought-after used cars in the UAE?

  • Nissan Patrols and Toyota Land Cruisers, according to Adam Whitnall, CEO of automobile price comparison site Drive Ninja, are still two of the most prevalent cars observed driving throughout the United Arab Emirates.
  • However, new entrants to the market are beginning to challenge their dominance as the most popular vehicles in the emirates.
  • Because of their high social status in the UAE, "Land Cruisers and Patrols are exceptionally popular," he said.
  • Although they continue to sell briskly, the trend is obviously going towards electric and hybrid vehicles. People are buying more used cars from China than ever before.
  • Dubizzle, an online marketplace for used items, has listings for the year's most popular used petrol and electric vehicles.
    • Mercedes Benz S-class – average price Dh678,200
    • Mercedes Benz C-class – Dh244,900
    • Nissan Patrol – Dh253,500
    • Toyota Landcruiser – Dh327,200
    • Nissan Altima – Dh80,500
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