UAE: New Technology Rollout Set to Triple Internet Speed for Du users

The telecom provider will also soon provide advanced 5G wireless services that include 3CC, which can support cutting-edge use cases like AI, metaverse, extended reality (XR) games, and XR meetings.

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Enhancing Internet Speeds

The leading carrier in the UAE, du, has announced the launch of multi-carrier aggregation technologies that are expected to considerably increase internet speeds for its customers. This creative initiative has the potential to increase data prices for du's clientele across the country by up to three times.

Aggregating Carrier Frequencies for Speed Surge

Within the C-Band and 2.6 Ghz band, the newly announced technology incorporates the aggregation of three carriers, each covering 100 Mhz. In comparison to the present options accessible to du's subscribers, this aggregation offers a significant improvement in network performance, providing data rates that are three times quicker.

Pioneering Home Wireless Services

At the forefront of this multi-carrier aggregation initiative lies home wireless services, introduced to the UAE market by du in 2021. This service quickly gained traction, drawing a substantial user base within a short span. Building upon this foundation, du now embarks on the next phase of its wireless home broadband service, catering to emerging demands for high-bandwidth, low-latency applications such as 8K video streaming, artificial intelligence, metaverse, and UHD cloud gaming.

Anticipating Future Bandwidth Demands

The Chief Technology Officer of du, Saleem Al Blooshi, emphasizes the expectation of a significant increase in consumers' average bandwidth consumption in the near future. Du's pursuit of this development is driven by the fact that multi-carrier aggregation is a tried-and-true method to increase wireless network throughputs.

Trailblazing Initiatives

Du continues to enjoy a solid reputation for being a pioneer in cutting-edge undertakings. As the first operator in the UAE to introduce 4G-based home wireless services, followed by 5G-based services, this latest deployment underlines du's dedication to enhancing customer experiences.

As these cutting-edge technologies continue to gain popularity in the upcoming months, the upcoming introduction of 3CC-enabled advanced 5G home wireless services will further reinforce du's position as an enabler of futuristic applications, from AI to metaverse experiences.

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