‏Urgent .. The UAE provides great opportunities for the private sector in these projects

The UAE has strengthened the private sector's role and contributions in the areas of sustainability across all sectors, elevating the nation to the top of the world in this area and creating fantastic investment and employment opportunities that have turned the sector into a strategic ally in the fight against climate change.

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The UAE was eager to undertake more encouraging and ambitious projects as part of its hosting of the "COP 28" conference, and to stimulate involvement with all pertinent parties, in order to develop solutions to solve climate concerns, particularly with the private sector in the nation.

In order to give the private sector the chance to increase its contributions to the transition to a green economy and energy transition, the UAE has put in place all the necessary conditions. This is why the nation currently has three of the largest solar energy projects in the world.

In order for more institutions to play an active and participating role on the path to "Cop 28" and beyond—a crucial opportunity for all local stakeholders and actors—the UAE called on them to continue their unceasing efforts, increase their ambitions and commitment to carbon removal, and adopt environmentally friendly measures to combat climate change. non-governmental

More than 1,000 business executives and members of the Dubai Chamber have joined the effort to reduce world emissions by half by 2030 and to zero by 2050.

In a recent report, the Interregional Centre for Strategic Analysis in Abu Dhabi reaffirmed the need for governments to boost the private sector's contribution to the fight against climate change, increase its capabilities, and push it towards greater integration within international efforts. to persuade businesses to expand their commitment to climate standards and their role in the world.

According to the paper, governments should research the markets that enable the private sector to make direct and noticeable efforts to combat climate change while also making more money, and then broaden the scope of green investments.

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