‏Urgent: A statement from the Ministry of Human Resources regarding the recruitment of foreign workers

‏In order to protect their rights and take advantage of the advantages offered by these offices, which operate in accordance with guidelines and regulations that ensure the rights of all parties, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization called on employers, as well as families who are citizens or nationals, to deal with domestic labour recruitment agencies that have been approved and licenced by the Ministry.

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In a press release released yesterday, the Ministry stated that it "is examining complaints received from customers related to offices licenced in accordance with the law and its executive regulations and in a manner that preserves The rights of all parties." It further stated that it "deals firmly with recruitment offices that are found to be practising this activity without obtaining the necessary licences from the Ministry in accordance with the legal frameworks."

It encouraged clients to check out the list of licenced and approved offices via the Ministry's "Bio" on its social media accounts or on the "Services" page under "Approved Service Centres" on its website.

Families of citizens and residents who deal with unaccredited offices run the risk of legal repercussions as well as social and health hazards. This is particularly true when it comes to hiring untrained assistants and not having any guarantees for the helper other than those offered by Ministry-approved offices.

When licenced offices break the law, the Ministry imposes severe, progressive administrative sanctions. Depending on the severity of the infraction, these sanctions may include suspending services for the offending office and revoking its licence.

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