‏UAE: Warnings to foreign workers in the country about tempting offers for fake jobs

Using fictitious identities on social media platforms has been one of the most popular ways to commit fraud in the past 20 years.

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Fraudsters typically use a variety of strategies and tactics to target particular demographics, capitalising on advancements in technology and the growing popularity of cellphones.

alemarat alyawm has confirmation from sources that there are two distinct types of phoney Facebook accounts targeting domestic workers. The first is taking advantage of their desire for flexible work schedules and more pay by offering enticing job opportunities.

The second is to instill in her the belief that she will be the recipient of significant awards, fulfilling a lifelong ambition of hers.

The proprietors of recruitment agencies for domestic workers revealed in-depth information that they receive complaints from people who have been duped into believing they can find better positions than the ones they have, and they are pleading with them to assist them in getting their money back.

They added that by requesting that their victims transmit pictures of their IDs and money in order to finish the recruitment process, the con artists were able to fool their victims.

They further stated that after receiving calls or texts congratulating them on winning expensive prizes, domestic workers also fell for the fake prize scammers. They thought that in order to send the prizes to their site, they needed to send a certain amount of money via bank transfer.

Mona Ahmed, a staff member at the "Manpower Recruitment" office in Fujairah, attested to the growing number of complaints from domestic workers about fictitious prizes and accounts, which purported to offer quick profits or high salaries. She also mentioned that some workers had given large sums of money to scammers and had even sent websites where they worked looking for prizes.

She emphasised the importance of female carers being aware of the latest scams that target them via social media in order to prevent them from falling for the tricks of con artists who ask for money, pictures, and specific addresses. She also confirmed that one of the workers sent two months' worth of salary to a con artist who duped her into double the amount.

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