UAE: 7 exceptional cases of delayed issuance and renewal of work permits

The decision of the Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation, No. 46 of 2022 regarding work permits and forms, offers and contracts, identified seven exceptional cases in which the employer is not considered late in renewing or issuing a work permit.

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It includes “the worker who has left the country and has been outside the country for more than six months, or whose residence has expired while he is outside the country and whose work permit has expired after the date of departure, the worker whose work permit has expired after his deportation by order, judicial ruling, or administrative decision by the competent authorities, for the period from the date of The arrest or the date of deportation, whichever is earlier than the other periods, the deceased worker or the condition of the worker suffering from a contagious disease that prevents him from working.”

The list of the seven cases also included “the worker whose work permit has expired or the ministry referred his complaint to the court, for the period from the date of referral, excluding other periods prior to this referral, the worker who left the country in the periods of settlement of the situation decided by the competent authorities, the imprisoned worker or A detainee whose work permit expired during his imprisonment or detention, for the period of imprisonment or detention, and finally, the death of the owner of the facility who is solely responsible for managing it, for a maximum period of three months from the date of death.

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