Ministry of Human Resources: “Part-time” workers are entitled to annual vacations or cash compensation

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation confirmed the eligibility of the part-time worker to obtain annual leave, according to the actual working hours spent by the worker with the employer, in accordance with the provisions of Clause No. (2) of Article No. 29 of Federal Decree-Law No. 33 ) for the year 2021 regarding the regulation of labor relations, indicating that the duration of this leave is determined on the basis of the total working hours after converting them into working days, divided by the number of working days in the year, multiplied by the legally prescribed holidays, with a minimum of five working days per year for annual holidays.

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The ministry stated, in an indicative publication that it broadcast on its official pages on social media platforms, that in calculating these accrued leaves, the part of the day is considered a full day, according to four determinants, the first is that the ratio is equal to the ratio of the employee’s work on a part-time contract to the employee’s work on a full-time contract, and the second The actual working hours are equal to a maximum of eight working hours per day, and the third is the number of working hours of the employee on the part-time contract equal to the number of hours that were contracted, and the fourth is the arithmetic equation for the number of working hours on the part-time employee contract per year divided by the number of working hours in the full-time contract per year multiplied by 100 equals the ratio.

With regard to the possibility of carrying forward the annual leave or obtaining a cash allowance for it, the ministry stated that the worker may carry forward no more than half of the annual leave for the following year, or he may agree with the employer to grant him a cash alternative in accordance with the wages he receives at the time of his entitlement to the leave.

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