Abu Dhabi: 100% localization of this sector, and work in it is restricted to citizens

The General Administration of "Abu Dhabi Customs" announced that the percentage of Emiratisation in the operations sector in the administration has reached 100%, with an increase in the productivity of employees to 25%, during the period from 2019 until the end of 2021, stressing that it attaches great importance to the issue of Emiratisation and the qualification of human cadres within its plan. strategy, in order to keep pace with government trends.

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The administration stated that achieving the highest Emiratisation rates came thanks to the operational plan that is being developed continuously in order to hone the skills of employees through various training courses and prepare them as specialized experts capable of performing their tasks at the highest levels.

Multinational corporations and global startups operating out of India are likely to see an increased cost of operations as they still have to follow local data storage norms as mandated by sectoral regulators despite the new data bill allowing for easy cross-border transfer and processing of data, several experts told ET.

She explained that as part of the efforts of the General Administration of "Abu Dhabi Customs" to expand the scope of the approved economic operator program with the aim of promoting economic growth and the smooth movement of goods, the number of approved companies has increased to 17 companies benefiting from the program through customs facilities and preferential treatment that will reduce clearance time and advance procedures. Thus, reducing financial costs and saving time for companies and the business community.

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