UAE Grants First National License for Self-Driving cars

The UAE has taken a significant step in embracing autonomous technology and future mobility solutions by granting its first national license for self-driving vehicles to operate on its roads. This development reflects the country's commitment to fostering innovation and advancing autonomous technology within its transportation sector.

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National License for Self-Driving cars

WeRide, a company specializing in autonomous driving technology, has been granted a preliminary license by the UAE to conduct self-driving vehicle testing on the country's roads.

The announcement was made by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, via Twitter.

Testing Autonomous Vehicles With the newly acquired license, WeRide, a company headquartered in Guangzhou, China, with a presence in Abu Dhabi and over 26 cities globally, will commence testing various types of autonomous vehicles in the UAE. WeRide specializes in autonomous driving research and operations and offers a range of products, including robotaxis, robobuses, robovans for delivery services, and robosweepers capable of operating around the clock in various weather conditions. The company also provides online ride-hailing, on-demand transport, and urban logistics services.

Electric Vehicle Policy

Federal Electric Vehicles Policy In addition to granting the self-driving vehicle license, Sheikh Mohammed announced the approval of a federal electric vehicles policy.

As This policy aims to establish a national network of electric vehicle chargers, regulate the electric vehicle market, and promote industries related to electric vehicles to reduce emissions and energy consumption. The policy sets a target of reducing energy consumption in the transport sector by 20 percent.

Transforming Future Mobility The UAE's decision to grant the first national license for self-driving vehicles and introduce an electric vehicle policy reflects its commitment to revolutionizing future mobility and promoting sustainable transportation options. These initiatives align with global efforts to embrace autonomous technologies and reduce the environmental impact of transportation.

Moreover, WeRide's presence and testing activities in the UAE mark an important milestone in the development of self-driving technology in the country, which may pave the way for wider adoption and integration of autonomous vehicles into the transportation network.

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