Urgent UAE.. Fire in Ajman building damages 16 apartments, 13 vehicles

Earlier on Friday, a raging fire engulfed a massive 15-story residential building in the center of Al Nuaimiya district (3) on Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Street in Ajman. Local authorities responded quickly and cohesively to the incident in order to protect people and property.

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Fire Incident in Ajman Residential Building

Thanks to the prompt intervention of Ajman Police and Civil Defense teams, the flames were promptly brought under control. In a well-executed operation, all residents were safely evacuated, and no injuries were reported.

Police Patrols and Civil Defense Collaborate

Upon receiving the distress call, police patrols swiftly converged on the scene, effectively cordoning off the impacted zone. Their seamless collaboration with the Civil Defense ensured the orderly and efficient evacuation of all occupants, ensuring their safety and well-being.

Unfortunately, the fire destroyed 16 units inside the structure, badly damaging them. 13 cars that were parked next to the building were also damaged by the fire. A thorough investigation is being conducted to determine the specific cause of the fire while the authorities try to piece together the circumstances leading up to the occurrence.

Safety Protocols Emphasized

Brigadier Abdullah Saif Al Matrooshi, Director General of Police Operations, emphasized the critical importance of adhering to safety protocols, particularly within residential settings. He called upon both building owners and residents to exercise vigilance and implement necessary safety measures to prevent the occurrence of such calamities.

Unified Firefighting Efforts

Lt. Col. Eilan Issa Al Shamsi, Director of Ajman Civil Defence, revealed that the firefighting operation was led by teams from Al Rashidiya Center, with additional support from units dispatched by Sharjah Civil Defence and Umm Al Quwain. Fortunately, the damage sustained was primarily material in nature.

Flames Extinguished, Investigation Continues

Upon extinguishing the flames, the focus shifted to cooling operations, and control of the building was handed over to the police for further inquiries. The incident underscores the importance of swift and coordinated responses to emergencies, safeguarding lives, and minimizing the impact on the community.

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