Dubai Airport .. Diamonds worth Rs14.9 Mln confiscated in India-Dubai flight

Mumbai Air Customs successfully intercepted an Indian national heading to Dubai and also recovered a sizable quantity of lab-grown and natural diamonds, estimated to be worth Rs14.9 million.

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Mumbai Air Customs Seizes Rs14.9 Million Worth

The arrest, made on Wednesday, resulted in the individual being remanded to judicial custody as officials delve deeper into the case.

Ingenious Tea Packet Concealment

Customs officers revealed that the seized diamonds, totaling 1559.6 carats, had been ingeniously hidden within a tea packet. This creative method of concealment underscores the lengths to which smugglers will go to evade detection. Ongoing investigations aim to uncover the full extent of this smuggling attempt and any potential connections.

Gold Recovery from Aircraft Toilet

Separately, while recovering roughly Rs8.5 million worth of gold, Cochin Customs authorities made a significant find. Two unclaimed bags found in the back toilet of an Indigo Airlines jet contained the gold, which was recovered in paste form.

Unclaimed Gold Discovery

The gold, amounting to around 1,709 grams, was found in two unclaimed packets. Acting on information from Indigo Airlines staff, Cochin Customs swiftly located the concealed gold within flight 6E 1404 from AUH. The investigation into this incident is ongoing, as officials work diligently to ascertain the origin and potential implications of this illicit discovery.

These instances of attempted smuggling and the subsequent interventions by customs authorities serve as a testament to the continuous vigilance required to maintain the integrity of international travel and trade.

As authorities uncover and foil such illegal activities, they reinforce the significance of robust surveillance and collaborative efforts to safeguard against smuggling attempts.

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