Urgent Emirates: All you need to know about housing in the Emirate of Ajman

The Emirate of Ajman is a part of the UAE's cultural and historical heritage because it has preserved the customs of everyday Emirati life. Despite being the least populous and smallest of the Emirates, the services offered there are just as important as those in the other Emirates, and because of the benefits this emirate enjoys, housing in Ajman has become a popular choice for both locals and foreigners. The benefits and drawbacks of living in Ajman will be covered in our topic today, along with the cost of real estate there and anything else you should know.

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The positives of housing in the Emirate of Ajman:

Below we will highlight the most prominent reasons that encourage individuals to buy or rent real estate in Ajman; such as the rental prices of Ajman apartments and the prices of Ajman apartments in general, in addition to the advantages of housing in Ajman.
Cost of living
One of the most important reasons why many individuals decide to live in Ajman and work in Dubai is that the total cost of living in Ajman is much lower than the cost of living in Dubai, which helps to save money better. The process of calculating the cost of living in Ajman includes many aspects, for example, the prices of food and daily needs of groceries, the prices of clothes and shoes, etc. are lower than their counterparts in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, so if you ask anyone about Ajman, they will confirm to you that it is the ideal place to save.

Real estate prices:

Real estate prices in the emirate are one of the most important advantages of housing in Ajman in general and one of the most important advantages of Ajman real estate in particular, as there is a wide choice of the best areas in Ajman for apartments and villas at affordable prices compared to the rest of the Emirates, and below we will put in your hands the average prices for apartments and villas so that you are familiar with them.


The emirate of Ajman offers a wide variety of residential properties, where you will be able to find a range of apartments with a reasonable average annual rent, according to the data of the Bayut real estate website, and these apartments are also available with floor plans and several rooms to suit everyone
As for apartments for sale in Ajman, a variety of them are available at reasonable average prices, and with an excellent return on investment. There are many suitable spaces for families and individuals at affordable prices, and below we will put in your hands the types of apartments available for purchase،

Residence in Ajman 1
Residence in Ajman 1


Ajman hosts a large selection of high-end villas, which are suitable for families due to their distinctive service and entertainment facilities. Villas for rent in Ajman are available with stunning designs and decorations and with a reasonable average annual rent compared to the rest of the UAE. The villas vary in terms of the number of rooms.
Investors and even those wishing to permanently reside want to buy villas for sale in Ajman, as these options are distinguished by their magnificent luxurious finishes, luxurious modern designs, an increase in the average reasonable price compared to the rest of the country's cities, and an excellent return on investment ratio.

Residence in Ajman 2
Residence in Ajman 2

Family areas

Most areas of the emirate of Ajman are suitable for families, due to the variety of real estate options in them, and this allows those wishing to live in the emirate to choose the right residential unit for them and their families, in addition to enjoying most of its areas in a quiet and comfortable atmosphere, in addition to the abundance of Ajman malls in most areas, especially service and entertainment facilities, as well as local and international Ajman restaurants.

The percentage of investment in Ajman has increased over the past years, because it is a preferred option for those looking for a quiet lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of developed cities, as well as the availability of a variety of commercial properties available for rent, easing capital restrictions on companies wishing to start their business in Ajman, in addition to still adhering to the customs of Emiratis and their good traditions; generosity, good neighborliness, and many others.

Large real estate areas:

As well as the properties of most areas of Ajman are distinguished by their reasonable rents, but these properties are also characterized by their vast area compared to those in Dubai, in addition to including many recreational and community facilities that meet the needs and desires of all residents.

Residence in Ajman 3
Residence in Ajman 3

Stunning views

Perhaps the most distinctive thing about housing in the emirate of Ajman is the abundance of picturesque views that most areas provide to residents, to spend a pleasant time while watching the charming Corniche views mixed with the beauty of natural landscapes that take their breath away, and give individuals a beautiful feeling that motivates them to start their day with high activity and positivity.

Recreational activities and facilities

Ajman has a wide range of entertainment and tourism options; including Ajman beaches that offer many interesting water activities, not to mention the world-class luxury hotels in Ajman, in addition to high-level archaeological and historical areas, not to mention the Hajar Mountains in the Masfout area, which attracts adventure lovers from inside and outside the country, not forgetting, of course, Ajman Corniche, Ajman City Center and Hamdan Center.

This is in addition to the most beautiful Ajman parks and family parks that provide dedicated areas for children, sports fields, and barbecue areas; such as Al-Jurf public park and Al-Humaidiya public park, in addition to the abundance of tourist places in Ajman that suit different age stages.

Mobility and public transport

Speaking also about information about Ajman, it is worth mentioning the advantage of its small area, which facilitates the process of moving between its neighborhoods or visiting its many facilities. Transportation in Ajman provides many internal and external means of transportation. despite the distance between Ajman and Dubai, Ajman transportation to Dubai has facilitated the matter. Ajman Municipality has provided a set of external lines and buses that operate at specific times throughout the day. if you are wondering about the distance between Ajman and Dubai as a kilometer, it is about 40.7 kilometers.

It takes about 40 minutes to go from Ajman to Dubai or return from Dubai by car, and during peak hours the duration may be longer than that, which makes this a kind of disadvantage of housing in Ajman.

Housing challenges in Ajman:

The cost of housing in Ajman is low compared to the rest of the cities as mentioned earlier, which makes it easier to decide to live there, but there are some things that you should take into account before making the final decision to move, the most prominent of these are the following.

Lack of service facilities in some areas

Despite the abundance of Service and entertainment facilities in the emirate, there are still areas that lack some of them, for example, the Princess Village in Ajman lacks sports clubs, clinics, and especially educational institutions.

Limitations of some types of real estate

We have already mentioned that affordable real estate prices in Ajman are one of its most important advantages, but some areas do not have all types of residential units, for example, we mention the Al Bateen area, which lacks spacious residential units, including villas and townhouses, so if you are looking for residential properties with large areas, we advise you to check out the most sought-after residential areas for families in Ajman.

Traffic congestion

The problem of traffic congestion is one of the difficulties faced by the residents of the emirate in some areas, especially during rush hours, and examples of those areas include Ajman colors distinguished by its proximity to many beautiful tourist destinations, including the Ajman Corniche, which is the ideal destination for hiking.

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