Up to Dh10,000 fine.. UAE warns against Pre-Sept 11 Campaigning

Penalties for violators include having their campaign licenses withdrawn and paying for any damages they caused.

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UAE's National Election Committee

The National Election Committee has issued a firm reminder to candidates slated for the upcoming National Council elections, urging them to refrain from engaging in any campaign activities prior to September 11. The official campaign period is set to commence on September 11 and will span 23 days, concluding on October 3.

In a decisive directive, the committee underscored the necessity of adhering to the designated campaign timeline, emphasizing that any promotional efforts conducted outside this window would directly contravene the regulations stipulated in the election guidelines.

The consequences for breaking this rule might be severe, including paying for any harm caused by their activities, paying a fine of up to ten thousand dirhams, or even having the candidate's campaign license revoked.

Stricter Measures and Guidelines for UAE National Council Elections

In severe instances, the candidate's name may be removed from the final candidate lists, regardless of their previous inclusion.

The committee further clarified that electoral campaigning is permissible only within designated locations and must adhere to the mechanisms, regulations, and conditions specified in the executive instructions.

Additionally, the National Election Committee highlighted the pivotal role of the Emirates Committees, responsible for overseeing the technical and administrative aspects of the National Council elections within their respective emirates. These committees play a vital role in facilitating communication between voters and the central electoral administration, ensuring a seamless electoral process and strict adherence to guidelines.

Yesterday, the Committee concluded the period for receiving objections to the candidacy of individuals listed in the preliminary candidate lists for the 2023 Federal National Council elections. This paves the way for the announcement of the final list of candidates, which is scheduled for release on the upcoming Saturday.

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