UAE Visa Change: Bus Wait Times Extend to One Week

Travel agents have reported an unprecedented surge in demand for the service that enables changing UAE visit visas by traveling via bus to Oman.

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Overwhelming Demand Strains Services

This convenient option is experiencing overwhelming popularity, with agents revealing that tickets for the next available dates are nearly a week away due to high demand.

Given the prevailing ticket scarcity, visitors who intend to utilize this method for visa renewal are advised to plan meticulously. Due to limited ticket availability, advance reservations are essential to secure the desired travel dates.

Cost-Effective and Engaging Travel

Shaikh Abdulla, visa incharge at Al Jazeera Travels, explained that many individuals opt for the bus option as it offers a cost-effective alternative and keeps passengers engaged throughout the journey. Traveling by bus not only proves economical but also serves as a productive use of time.

Reservation Guidelines

To secure a bus service for visa change, prospective travelers are recommended to make reservations at least nine days before their intended departure. This precaution ensures a smoother process and greater peace of mind.

Single Service Provider

Al Khanjari Transport, located near Danata in Deira, is the sole road service provider from Dubai to Muscat. The provider offers three daily round-trip bus services between the two cities at 9 am, 3 pm, and 9 pm, with a ticket cost of Dh100.

Ticket Scarcity Concerns

Despite eager passengers queuing up at Al Khanjari Transport, acquiring a ticket for the preferred travel date has proven challenging for many. Abdul Hameed, who sought a ticket for visa renewal, expressed his frustration at not securing a timely ticket and subsequently opted to change his visa via air travel.

Unintended Shift to Air Travel

The unavailability of bus tickets has inadvertently led some passengers to resort to air travel, despite its higher cost. Ramesh Muliyakkal, a Sohar resident in Oman, lamented the inability to secure a bus ticket for his return trip. This unforeseen situation has necessitated his switch to air travel for business purposes.

As demand continues to soar, it remains imperative for travelers to plan ahead and explore available options to ensure a seamless visa renewal process.

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