UAE Ministry Declares August 28 as "A Day without Accidents"

The UAE's Ministry of Interior, in collaboration with local law enforcement authorities, has designated August 28 as the date for a significant initiative titled 'A Day Without Accidents'.

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Public Enriched on Traffic Laws and Safe Driving

This day will be entirely devoted to educating the public on traffic laws, rules, and safe driving techniques.

Brig. Gen. Eng. Hussein Ahmed Al Harithi, Head of the Federal Traffic Council at the Ministry of Interior, expressed the unwavering commitment of the ministry to persistently advance awareness initiatives, in alignment with the meticulously formulated plans for the year 2023.

The selection of August 28 as the designated day holds symbolic significance, coinciding with the commencement of the school year. This strategic timing aims to create a preventive platform, urging all sectors of society, public and private alike, to unite in fostering accident-free roads and a hazard-free environment.

Community-wide Engagement for Accident-Free Roads

The initiative is strategically designed to cultivate a sense of unity within the local community. It aspires to engage both institutions and individuals, establishing a nationally recognized day dedicated to traffic safety.

Emphasizing the core objective of reinforcing safety principles, the campaign will encompass a wide spectrum of awareness efforts spanning universities, institutions, and private companies.

The resounding success of the annual campaign is exemplified by the Dubai Police's report of a "remarkable decrease in traffic accidents" observed on the designated day last year. This achievement is underpinned by a four-year track record, showcasing zero fatalities in school zones on the first day of school, thereby elevating public consciousness about traffic safety.

Central to the initiative's ethos is the cultivation of a shared sense of responsibility among all members of the community, encompassing institutions and individuals alike. By encouraging active participation and collective dedication, the initiative aspires to realize the vision of accident-free roads and contribute significantly to the overall well-being and security of the nation.

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