Mahzooz Marks 58th Millionaire and Unveils "Golden Summer Draw" Winner

In its latest stride of excitement, Mahzooz's 142nd draw spotlighted Rathish, bearing the ID number 37326650, as the esteemed victor of a remarkable Dh1 million grand prize. Echoing the jubilation, Jocelyn, distinguished by the raffle ID number 37336196, clinched the coveted title of the third golden summer draw winner.

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"Golden Summer Draw" Winner

This accolade entitles her to the golden opportunity of securing Dh50,000 worth of gold coins every week within a defined span.

Although the apex prize of Dh20,000,000 remained unclaimed this session, the draw saw nine adept participants align four number (2, 6, 38, 39, and 42) experiencing the triumph of sharing the Dh200,000 second prize. Each recipient joyously garnered Dh22,222.22. Further enhancing the festivities, a commendable 817 participants, having matched three out of five numbers drawn, reaped rewards of Dh250 each.

The culmination of these wins led to a collective reward of Dh1,404,250 being distributed among 827 fortunate contenders, crafting an eventful narrative.

A modest investment of Dh35 in Mahzooz water purchases a ticket to the weekly draw conducted every Saturday, amplifying prospects to clinch the coveted Dh20 million apex prize or secure Dh1 million in the raffle draw. Mahzooz persistently radiates enthusiasm, transforming lives through its magnanimous offerings and empowering prospects.

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