UAE jobs: Students May Soon Secure Direct Jobs from Schools

In the words of Dino Varkey, CEO of renowned education provider GEMS Education, more UAE companies will start recruiting pupils as soon as they graduate from high school in the following ten years.

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Hiring graduates directly from school

He also noted that this practice, which has been established by tech giants in Silicon Valley, will become more common in the UAE due to evolving technology and companies' desire for a fresh and skilled talent pool.

For years, tech behemoths like Microsoft and Google have engaged with recent high school graduates, hiring them for a variety of positions and providing on-the-job training. Dino Varkey noted that these businesses are now beginning to do the same in the UAE, establishing alliances with K–12 institutions to find and develop potential graduates.

Preparing Students for the Workforce

GEMS Education is taking steps to enhance the employability of its students. They've introduced the "GEMS for Life" initiative, collaborating with industry leaders to provide students with real-world exposure and experiences. Dino Varkey highlighted a collaboration with auditing company KPMG where students co-wrote a report on career aspirations. This approach not only offers students insights into industry demands but also helps them develop relevant skills.

The Evolving Role of Schools

With the rapid pace of technological advancement impacting higher education, schools are becoming beneficiaries. Varkey indicated that schools will increasingly take on the role traditionally fulfilled by universities. As students adapt to learning more quickly, schools are expected to deliver deeper and faster learning experiences. This change aligns with the shifting expectations of the job market, where employers are looking for candidates with both relevant skills and adaptability.

Varkey's insights suggest a future where educational institutions and industries work more closely together, nurturing young talent and preparing them for the ever-changing demands of the professional world.

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