UAE: Federal National Council election registration starts August 15th

The Federal National Council (FNC) elections are scheduled for 2023, and the National Elections Committee (NEC) has indicated that it is prepared to start the nomination process for qualified candidates.

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Federal National Council Elections 2023

As The four-day window, spanning from August 15th to August 18th, offers an opportunity for individuals to step forward and contribute to the nation's democratic fabric.

1. Accessible Nomination Requests

All individuals whose names grace the electoral colleges' lists are encouraged to initiate their nomination requests via the dedicated link ( hosted on the committee's official website, This streamlined digital avenue promises ease and efficiency, fostering a seamless transition into the nomination phase.

2. User-Friendly App for Nomination

In an effort to embrace technological convenience, the NEC introduces the user-friendly NEC app, uaenec, accessible through both the Apple Store and Google Play. This innovative platform extends the opportunity for potential candidates to submit their nominations effortlessly, underscoring the NEC's commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.

3. Nine Registration Centers Across the UAE

In further support of the nomination process, the NEC is establishing nine registration centers strategically dispersed across the UAE. These centers serve as physical hubs where prospective candidates can formally present their candidacy, reaffirming the NEC's dedication to offering multiple pathways for engagement.

As the NEC orchestrates this pivotal phase, aspiring candidates are invited to seize the moment and contribute to the democratic evolution of the UAE. By casting a wide net through digital avenues and on-ground centers, the NEC is fostering an environment where active participation and civic responsibility flourish, paving the way for a robust and representative Federal National Council.

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