UAE police warn Fans of Dh30,000 fine for breaking regulations before football league begins

The Dubai Police have sent a timely reminder to supporters, urging strict adherence to important restrictions as the UAE gets ready to launch a highly anticipated professional football league this Friday. statute enforcement officials have issued a harsh warning that people who act violently may face heavy fines of up to Dh30,000, which are supported by a federal statute.

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Coinciding Awareness and League Kickoff

This proactive initiative coincides with the launch of a comprehensive awareness campaign by the police, aligning with the imminent commencement of the Adnoc Pro League, set to unfold tomorrow.

Guiding Responsible Conduct

Offering a comprehensive framework for responsible conduct, Major-General Rashid Khalifa Al Falasi, director of the Department of Protective Security and Emergency, delineated key stipulations that fans are required to uphold:

  • Entry onto the actual playing field or designated sports event premises without official permission is strictly prohibited.
  • The possession or introduction of prohibited or hazardous items, notably fireworks, is strictly proscribed.
  • Fans are unequivocally barred from carrying any form of weaponry.
  • Mandatory adherence to seating arrangements, confined exclusively to designated areas, is obligatory.

Penalties Unveiled

Ensuring transparency and clarity, Lt.-Col. Abdullah Tarsh Al Amimi, the coordinator of the annual campaign, elucidated the ramifications for non-compliance, elucidating a range of penalties, including:

  • Violations of the aforementioned regulations could result in imprisonment spanning from one to three months, accompanied by fines ranging between Dh5,000 and Dh30,000.
  • Perpetration, involvement in, incitement of, or attempts at violence could result in either imprisonment or fines, ranging between Dh10,000 and Dh30,000.
  • Comparable penalties are applicable for the act of hurling substances or liquids.
  • Employing insulting language (whether spoken or written) or making derogatory gestures incurs similar consequences.
  • Instances of propagating racist remarks or exploiting the stadium for political purposes are met with identical penalties.

In a resolute call to action, Major-General Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi, assistant commander-in-chief for Operations, implored fans to meticulously adhere to established protocols when entering and exiting stadium premises. Emphasizing their unwavering commitment, he underscored the police force's dedication to upholding paramount safety and security standards throughout sporting events.

In his closing statement, he remarked, "These endeavors extend to encompass all individuals partaking in and attending sports events and festivals, which have indelibly woven themselves into the fabric of the UAE's societal tapestry."

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