UAE elections Receives Over 160 candidacy requests on day one

Centres across the UAE have begun to receive registration requests from individuals interested in vying for a position in the Federal National Council (FNC), the nation's legislative body.

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Electronic and In-Person Registration Options

The National Election Committee is facilitating registrations through both electronic and in-person channels, ensuring accessibility for candidates residing within or outside the country.

Streamlined Registration via Official Website and Mobile App

Prospective candidates who meet the necessary eligibility criteria have the option to register via the National Election Committee's official website or the dedicated mobile application. In-person registration is also available, with the registration window open until August 18.

Strong Initial Response

The initial day of registration witnessed a significant influx of 162 candidacy requests originating from all Emirates. The distribution of requests was as follows: Abu Dhabi - 58, Dubai - 23, Sharjah - 29, Ajman - 12, Umm Al-Quwain - 12, Ras Al Khaimah - 19, and Fujairah - 9.

Praise for Effortless Process

Applicants from the electoral bodies who applied for candidacy have expressed satisfaction with the user-friendly nature of the registration process, whether through the electronic platform or candidate registration centers.

Upcoming Electoral Milestones

As per the Federal National Council elections schedule, the National Election Committee will unveil the preliminary list of candidates on August 25. This will be followed promptly by the commencement of the objection submission period pertaining to the candidates. The final list of candidates is set to be revealed on September 2, subsequently enabling candidates to initiate their campaign efforts and advocate for their electoral agendas.

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