UAE: Determining the controls for the end of the first semester exams

The Emirates Foundation for School Education has set the controls for the first semester exams of this year, which start on the 18th of this month.

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In the assessment guide for the first semester of this year, the Foundation clarified that all exams will be applied electronically through the realistic attendance of all students, and provide technical support to confront any malfunctions.

The Foundation directed schools to implement experimental electronic central tests for all public and private schools that follow the ministerial curriculum, to measure the characteristics of the electronic application and simultaneous administrative processes, and to create the appropriate environment for the application on the seventh and eighth of this November, from nine in the morning to one in the afternoon, provided that the number of questions is From five to eight paragraphs, the time of the test was determined to be 20 minutes.

The Foundation obligated school administrations to take 23 measures to take before and during exams, including organizational and other guiding issues, to ensure that exams run according to the plan, including verifying students’ data in the Al-Manhal system, activating student and teacher accounts in the system, and completing procedures for transferring students between divisions and tracks. No later than next Sunday, the administrations also called for classifying students in the category of People of Determination, and specifying the type of individual study plan that the student follows, whether by modification, adaptation or adaptation.

She stressed the importance of the administrative and teaching staff familiarizing themselves with working on the various systems, knowing the students and parents the dates of the approved exams, the headquarters of the committees, knowing the evaluation policy and the mechanism for calculating grades, in addition to being aware of the exams’ decisions, and making sure to follow the precautionary procedures and measures and adhere to them fully. Through its guide, the Foundation obligated departments to provide the appropriate and appropriate environment for students, including 10 procedures necessary to implement such as providing exam halls, computer laboratories, and student waiting areas to ensure physical distancing between them, designing guiding boards for the locations of the halls, ensuring the readiness of the school clinic, and others.

During the exams, the Foundation directed schools to form a committee to manage exams in the school headed by the school director, and bear all administrative and technical responsibilities, to ensure the conduct of exams in a sound and orderly manner. Counting the numbers of students who are absent with an excuse, and preparing a statement of examination delivery that the student signs after the exams are delivered electronically, specifying the delivery time.

The Foundation confirmed that exams for people of determination will be held realistically, with the same questions prepared for the rest of the students, while committees are formed for this category if the student’s individual educational plan stipulates that, directed to prepare the exam according to the individual educational plan for those who follow an individual educational plan, in coordination with the education teacher private at school.

The Foundation called for contacting technical support during the examination period if the student encountered a technical problem, and the school's support team was unable to solve it, providing school administrations with contact numbers and an email for technical support.

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