UAE: Daytime hours cuts to less than 13 as peak summer concludes

The UAE is seeing a slight change in weather as the nation enters the Suhail season, which is named for its beloved star. The rise of the Suhail star on August 24 marks the start of a change from the stifling summer heat to milder weather.

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Suhail Star's Arrival and the Dawn of Transition

The number of daylight hours has dropped to under 13, according to Ibrahim Al Jarwan, chairman of the Emirates Astronomical Society. This trend will last until April 21 of the next year. Between October 2 and April 11, daytime hours are anticipated to fall below 11 hours as winter gradually takes grip.

Safriyah Season and Its Significance

The arrival of the Suhail star ushers in the Safriyah season, lasting approximately 40 days. This season symbolizes the transition to autumn and is characterized by gentle winds that provide respite from the heat. It's a period of preparation for farmers as they sow seeds, setting the stage for a prosperous harvest. Protected nurseries shield the young seedlings from the harsh sun and dry winds. As the second half of September approaches, the seedlings are transferred to permanent lands.

Agricultural Opportunities and Harvest Season

Suhail not only brings cooler weather but also creates fertile conditions for crops, making it an ideal time for cultivation. With the end of summer, dates are gathered, stored, and transformed into date syrup (dibs). Additionally, many palm varieties are pruned, legumes are planted, and various trees are sown. A prime example of the region's agricultural achievements is a vast wheat farm in Sharjah's Mleiha desert. Originally spanning 400 hectares, the farm yielded an impressive 200 tonnes of high-quality produce. In line with the Sharjah Ruler's vision, the project has expanded to cover 1,900 hectares.

Astronomical Insights into Transition

As the Suhail star graces the sky and equinox approaches on October 2, the UAE enters a period of equilibrium between day and night. This transition from the summer's intensity to the gentleness of autumn not only marks a celestial event but also heralds the intricate cycles of agriculture that are integral to the nation's sustenance and prosperity.

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