Officially.. The Emirates announces the opening of a school with a fee of 4 thousand dirhams

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The Emirates announces the opening of a school with a fee of 4 thousand dirhams, A private school that follows the ministry's curriculum has announced that it will begin accepting registrations from students with low incomes. The school will charge reduced tuition of 4,000 dirhams for all classes at its two locations in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. However, the families of the students have demanded that more private schools be opened for children from families with low incomes, or that a certain number of study seats be made available for a fee. Reduced at every private school, with schools being required to offer scholarships to exceptional students as well as other awards for exceptional and emergency circumstances as part of the institutions' societal roles and responsibilities.

In more specific terms, the families of the students reacted to an announcement made by a school that it would open registration with reduced tuition fees amounting to 4,000 dirhams, calling for the expansion of the opening of schools with low fees, or allocating a number of seats in each school with reduced fees as a form of community participation, in addition to educational grants for exceptional students from the school's students, in recognition of their scientific and athletic excellence, and equating equating educational grants for outstanding students from

The school emphasised that the primary reason for its establishment is to provide an educational opportunity for students who come from low-income families and who face challenges in accessing education. Because of this, the school was eager to have reduced and unified fees for all stages of education, from kindergarten all the way up to the twelfth grade.

The school demanded, in order to register and be admitted, to provide a bank statement that had been sealed for the previous three or six months, a lease contract that had been notarized, and a salary certificate that had been stamped by the employer. Meanwhile, the acceptance form includes the total monthly income of the guardian, as well as the number of dependent children of the guardian, indicating that the school reserves the right to refuse any A student who does not meet all of the admission requirements. A student is not regarded to be officially registered until they have met all of the conditions for admission, paid their fees, or made other payment arrangements.

While the families of students in private schools, including Moatasem Ahmed, Magdy Fouad, Ferial Saad, and Marwa Najdi, called for obligating private schools to allocate a number of their academic seats for community participation, and to distribute them between scholarships for distinguished and outstanding students, and scholarships for those who are financially insolvent, while taking sufficient guarantees to ensure from the student's entitlement to the scholarship, with the aim of increasing access to higher education for economically disadvantaged students

They brought up the fact that the most outstanding students did not receive any sort of discount or recognition in most schools, which is in contrast to what occurs in the branches of the same schools that are located in other countries. The branches of these schools offer full scholarships to students who excel in scientific and mathematical fields, while students in the domestic schools face the risk of having their educational careers cut short due to unexpected events on an annual basis. Their families make it impossible for them to pay the required payments.

They made the point that if a guardian is unable to pay the costs for an academic year, it would result in the student having to halt his studies because the guardian will not be able to transfer the youngster to another school until the fees have been paid.

They went on to say that the student's transfer from his school causes psychological trauma that has an effect on his academic level, and they emphasised that supplying schools with scholarships for the defaulters can contribute to assisting dozens of kids and their families at the same time.

While the families of the students Ahmed Mohsen, Omar Abdel-Hamid, Fadia Diaa El-Din, and Kholoud Ibrahim suggested that schools set strict conditions for grants, including proof of the family's inability to pay fees due to compelling circumstances, and that the guardian be one of the regulars in the payment previously, and that The student must be registered in the school from kindergarten or first grade and has passed his studies in the school for at least one year, and that The student

The proposals included increasing the tuition fees for each student by one hundred dirhams and allocating those funds to participate in financing seats for people with limited income and "granting the children of the financially distressed." This was subject to the condition that the school bears an equal portion for the participation of parents, so that the community contribution is participatory between the school and the families of the students, and that the parents' council cooperate with the school in supervising the programme.

On the other hand, the Department of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi affirmed its eagerness to provide a group of schools that meet the needs of the various segments of society and are commensurate with their cultural backgrounds, and that would respond to the diverse aspirations of parents, while ensuring the stability of the levels of fees required by private schools, in addition to obligating schools to set fees that are suitable for students. This was stated in a statement.

The department stated in the "Private Schools Policies Guide" that when evaluating the appropriateness of school fees, a comparison of school fees with the fees of schools of similar quality and similar curricula is taken into account, along with an estimate of the general effectiveness of the school in the most recent evaluation report, and the cost of school facilities and services, in addition to making sure that Not setting fees that enable the school to make excessive profits. The department also stated that when evaluating the appropriateness of school fees, the department takes into.

opening of a school with a fee of 4 thousand dirhams in UAE
opening of a school with a fee of 4 thousand dirhams in UAE

schools in the Emirates

100 educational grants and scholarships

The "Scholarship Programme for Academically Outstanding and Talented Male and Female Students" will now be available in all of the schools operated by Emirates National Schools, as was recently announced. The programme will provide one hundred scholarships to male and female students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement. The amount of each scholarship will range from twenty-five percent to one hundred percent of the recipient's annual tuition bill. specified standards and prerequisites, which are going to be implemented beginning with the following school year, 2023/2024.

According to the Emirates National School, the scholarship programme for gifted and talented students is divided into two categories: the "distinguished talents and skills category" and the "academic merit category." Both of these categories focus on the student's academic performance.

The "Academic Merit Category" will be open to male and female students who have achieved success in their academic endeavours, such as obtaining a high GPA, participating in extracurricular activities, and demonstrating exceptional leadership skills. On the other hand, the "Outstanding Talents and Skills Category" will be open to male and female students who have unique talents and skills in science and technology. Both categories will be open to applicants. Aesthetics, physical activity, and competition.

This category is intended to recognise the great accomplishments of both male and female students who have shown exceptional talent in their respective fields and have been nominated for this award.

The following conditions must be met at registration to qualify for the discounted rates:

  • • Please include a bank statement that is postmarked within the past three to six months.
  • A rental agreement that has been notarized.
  • • A certificate of salary that has been signed and stamped by the employer.

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