The Emirates announces an emergency change to the mandatory midday vacation

Today, the UAE government announced the beginning of implementation and application of the mandated mid-day break for UAE residents and foreign workers, indicating that it will take effect on June 15, 2023.

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The UAE Ministry of Human Resources launched this programme to protect UAE workers and employees from the harsh summer heat, which can reach 50 degrees Celsius on some days.

Working outside during this time of day is prohibited

It also forbids conducting business in public areas between 12:30 and 3 PM, according to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. This ban will last until September 15.

residents in uae
residents workers in uae

Heavy penalties for infractions

Companies that breach these new labor standards are expected to face hefty penalties, including fines of up to 50,000 dirhams.

Businesses must follow strict legal guidelines to ensure the safety of their personnel.

They must provide workers with a place to relax in the shade during breaks and regular working hours, whether they work morning, evening, or both shifts, which cannot last more than eight hours.

If a staff person works more than eight hours, they are deemed to have worked overtime.

"The health and safety of workers is the cornerstone of labour market legislation, and the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation is committed to creating the necessary conditions to ensure a safe work environment for them," said Mohsen Al Nassi, Assistant Undersecretary for Inspection Affairs, according to state news agency Wam.

"The midday work break, which is being implemented for the 19th year in a row, is in accordance with the highest professional and humane standards and is intended to protect workers from any potential risk of injury due to high temperatures during the summer, particularly at noon."

The decision to restrict work at noon is a significant step for the labor market and a key component of UAE labor regulations and community culture. During the summer, the ministry's partners and others organize a number of efforts to equip workers with supplies that protect them from heat exhaustion, sunstroke, and exposure.

"We are confident that businesses across the country will follow the rules of the ban." As indicated by the years' amazing compliance rates, the market recognizes the significance of this decision and its use in protecting workers from the risks of direct sunlight exposure or working in open places at midday.

Some jobs, according to the ministry, are exempt from the restrictions since they do not allow for such trips.

These include workers performing critical repairs or jobs that disrupt the delivery of utilities such as water and electricity.

Employers are required to provide enough cool water for the personnel, verified snacks, and first aid supplies in such instances.

A fine of 5,000 dirhams

Employers who violate the law face a Dh5,000 fine per employee, with a maximum fine of Dh50,000.

The ministry asked the general public to report any infractions of the midday break policy to its call center at 600 590 000.

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