The Emirates officially lowered the speed limit due to rain

The Emirates Police delivered an important message today to all security personnel in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and many other UAE regions, advising them to slow down on many main routes due to the weather and heavy rain.

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And the UAE Roads Authority confirmed in official announcements, via its official account on the social networking platform Twitter, that the speed limit on numerous roads has been formally cut to 120 kilometres per hour.

He advised Emirati police to exercise extra caution in light of the recent awful weather and rains, as well as the need to comply to speed limits given, taking into account changing speed limits on road information boards.

Bad weather in the UAE

It is worth mentioning that the UAE's National Centre of Meteorology warned last week of overcast and clear weather, with the creation of some cumulus clouds over the UAE's eastern and southern regions.

The weather in the Emirates saw mild to moderate winds, which resulted in reduced horizontal visibility during the day and carried dust and dirt, and the southeasterly wind speed ranged from 40 km/h to 45 km/h.

It's also worth noting that the NCM issued a warning last Thursday about rough seas and strong winds in the Arabian Gulf region, which could lead to dangerous circumstances with waves reaching two metres.

This weather will continue over the next 5 days, according to the National Council of Meteorology report in the United Arab Emirates, with rain pouring and dusty winds packed with dust in the southern and eastern areas of the Emirates.

speed limit in uae roads

It is worth noting that the UAE Police previously declared that motorists who do not follow the guidelines will be fined 400 dirhams.

It was also verified that the speed limit for heavy vehicles in the third and final lanes is 140 km/h, but that the minimum speed limit will not apply to those vehicles.

The UAE Police further stated that the minimum speed limit would be enforced in the coming time to safeguard the safety and security of drivers, and that drivers who drive slow cars must stick to the correct and designated lanes on the roadways.

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