School bus fees in the UAE increased by 35% in several regions

Students' families recently complained about the 35% increase in school bus fees in the Emirates in several areas, as the increase was shocking and significant, and constituted a great financial burden on them.

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The cost of riding the school bus in the UAE rose by 35% across different locations.

Families of students have lately voiced their displeasure with the recent increase in school bus costs in the Emirates, which have gone up by 35% in certain locations, These families find the increase to be shocking and considerable, and it places a significant load on their finances.

Increase school bus fees in private schools

Costly transportation fees for students attending private schools , Prices of school buses at Sharjah's private schools went up for the upcoming school year, with the schools emphasising that the price hikes represented an increase of 35% in comparison to what they had been in the past, The assignment of the transport service from other emirates to private businesses, which many parents regarded to be "a circumvention by it to increase fees, after obtaining acceptable or poor ratings, and not obtaining approval from the Sharjah Private Education Authority to increase tuition fees."

school bus fees in private schools
school bus fees in private schools

Demand the Education Authority to stop the school bus fee increases in Sharjah

Make a demand to Sharjah's Education Authority to put a stop to the fee rises for school buses, According to the laws and regulations that regulate private schools in Sharjah and other Emirates, the Sharjah Private Education Authority confirmed that private schools have the right to request an increase in tuition fees, The competent educational authorities are responsible for issuing the necessary decisions for these requests in accordance with the policies and procedures that are followed in each emirate, and the families of the students demanded that action be taken. As a parent, Muhammad Wajih said that his children's school had sent a circular to the families of the students that included the new fees, pointing out that the increase amounted to 600 dirhams per child. This was done to prevent an increase in fees for other services, as parents had expressed their fears about an increase in fees for books and school uniforms before the start of the new school year. Parents of children attending private schools in Sharjah have petitioned the Sharjah Private Education Authority to take action "to stop the continuous increases in fees, which are collected by side methods, whether through school transportation, uniforms, or book prices" Another parent stated that the school her children attend has decided to raise bus fees for the next academic year by a value of 1,500 dirhams, which is approximately 35%, despite the fact that "the new increase is exaggerated and illogical, " According to the parents, there are schools with acceptable and poor ratings within the evaluation programme "Itqan" that have begun to raise transportation fees.

Cancellation of school bus participation due to increased fees

Cancellation of participation in the school transportation programme as a result of increasing fees, The mother of one of the pupils shared that she had come to the conclusion that she would not be renewing the bus subscription for the upcoming school year and would instead rely on the use of the family automobile to transport her children to and from school.

Circular to private schools regarding the increase in school bus fees

Notice from non-public schools on the recent hike in transport costs, A private school distributed a circular to the families of its students to inform them of the expansion of the service department to new areas in Sharjah and the opening of school bus registration for old and new students, with two different fees, The circular also informed the families that seats on the school bus would be reserved on the basis of first-come, first-served attendance and the availability of vacant seats, and that the school would determine the amount that would be charged for the school bus reservation fee. At 500 dirhams, provided that the bus fee inside Sharjah is 4,500 dirhams, while it called on parents of students living in Dubai and Ajman to communicate with an official in a private company that took over school transportation from the two emirates with its buses, and specified a circular for another school, school bus fees at a value of 5,500 dirhams inside Sharjah, and 6,500 Dirhams from the Emirate of Dubai, 5700 dirhams from the Emirate In addition, the Emirate of Ajman will receive 5,000 dirhams.

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